Wranglers for the W


PINEDALE – A sustained offensive by the Pinedale High School Wrangler football team reached Rawlins’ 37-yard line early in the first quarter of the non-conference away game on Friday, Sept. 1.

Under pressure, senior Wrangler quarterback Bodie Jensen found an opening and delivered a perfect pass to sophomore Kolbyn Jaquez for a first down.

Taking the handoff, sophomore Cale Dauwen pushed the ball up to the Outlaws’ 13-yard line. Jensen kept the ball on the next play, charging forward to the 3-yard line.

Jensen handed the ball to senior Austin Green. Putting his head down, Green churned up the remaining 3 yards into the end zone to score a Wrangler touchdown.

Pinedale’s successful opening drive, combined with a relentless Wrangler defense, resulted in a decisive 6-0 victory for Pinedale. While not a conference game, Pinedale’s triumph against Rawlins ended a two-year draught for the team and created plenty of positive momentum for the Wranglers.

“The Wranglers took a good step forward on Friday,” said Head Coach David Thrash. “Coming out on the up side of the scoreboard was a big group effort. Offensive yards were fought for with foundations of solid blocking by the front five. The defense showed aggressive behavior that led to punts and turnovers, while tackles by multiple Wranglers helped keep the Outlaws out of the end zone.”

The Pinedale offense set the pace at the beginning of the first quarter with a solid, coordinated drive from its own 20-yard line into the end zone.

On the first play, Dauwen carried the ball to Pinedale’s 25-yard line. Jensen kept the ball on the subsequent play, pushing the line of scrimmage to the 30-yard line. Dauwen took the handoff and bulldozed another 8 yards for a first down.

Jensen and Dauwen crossed midfield and maintained the Wranglers’ advance. Holding the ball, Jensen looked for an opening. With nowhere to pass, Jensen tucked the ball and chewed up 17 yards for a first down.

Once again under pressure, Jensen completed a pass to Jaquez at Rawlins’ 16-yard line.

Taking the handoff, Green forced his way into the end zone to score a Wrangler touchdown. The score favored Pinedale, 6-0.

A solid Wrangler defense shut down Rawlins’ first drive, including tackles by junior Branson Simmons, Jaquez, Green and senior Doug Dexter.

The Pinedale defense showed no mercy in the second quarter. During Rawlins’ final drive of the first half, Green tackled the Outlaws’ runner behind the line of scrimmage. Senior Dustin Larsen swept in, sacking Rawlins’ quarterback behind the line of scrimmage.

A determined Pinedale defense hammered away at Rawlins in the third and fourth quarters. On Rawlins’ opening drive in the fourth quarter, Dexter made a sack for no gain.

Rawlins took possession as the final minutes counted down. The Outlaws’ quarterback wound up for a pass. Larsen sniffed out the play and moved in for the sack, setting Jensen up to intercept the pass.

Pinedale travels to challenge conference rival Lyman on the gridiron on Friday, Sept. 8 at 4 p.m.