Pinedale makes trip to Afton for sunny Dave Draney Invite


PINEDALE – Sunny, clear skies and temperatures in the high 40s filled Star Valley on April 21, a far cry from the cold, snowy weather that forced officials to reschedule the annual Dave Draney Invitational hosted in Afton.

Pinedale girls placed fifth with 65 points and the boys came in seventh at 59 points at the Dave Draney Invitational.

Senior Isabella Romasko continued her season performance with three first-place ribbons on Wednesday. In the girls' 100-meter dash, Romasko beat out the competition at 12.65 seconds. Romasko won the 100-meter hurdles, clocking in at 15.78 seconds.

Dominating the triple jump, Romasko sailed to first place with a jump measured in nearly 4 feet ahead of the runner up at 36 feet, 9 inches.

Teagan Bowers made waves in the boys' long jump, picking up first place and beating his personal outdoor record at 20-01 3/4. The senior came in second place in the triple jump, clearing 41-06. Hitting the track in the 200-meter dash for the first time this season, Bowers took third place, timing in at 23.47 seconds.

Sophomore Mandy Majhanovich made a strong showing in mid-distance events, placing second in the girls' 400-meter run at 1:03.04.

Senior Riley Dauwen took fourth place in the girls' 200-meter dash, finishing the event in 28.24 seconds. Dauwen placed eighth in the 300-meter hurdles at 52.96 seconds.

Freshman Trista Covill came in eighth place in the girls' 100-meter dash at 13.68 seconds.

In the boys' 200-meter dash, junior James Kervitsky placed sixth, clocking in at 24.24 seconds. Kervitsky took seventh place in the 100-meter dash at 12.05 seconds.

Senior Gatlin Egle finished the boys' 400-meter run in eighth place at 55.77 seconds. Freshman Lauren Jones came in seventh place in the girls' 400-meter run at 1:07.74.

Junior Maggie Harber took seventh place in the girls' triple jump at 29-11.

Pinedale throwers performed well at the Dave Draney Invitational. Senior Dodge Westercamp picked up third place in the boys' shot put, measuring in at 45-01. Fellow senior Carson Gregory broke into the top five with a fourth-place finish in the boys' discus, clearing 128-06.

Freshman Katyana Dexter placed seventh in girls' shot put with a toss spanning 30-08 1/2. Dexter placed eighth in discus at 96-02.

Relay highlights

The girls' 1600-meter sprint medley team finished in second place. Senior McKinley Boulter, Majhanovich, Dauwen and senior Grace Davis timed in at 4:50.53.

Majhanovich, Davis, Jones and Dauwen took fourth place in the girls' 4x400-meter relay at 4:52.78.

The boys' 1600-meter sprint medley relay team also finished in second place. Kervitsky, junior Jacob Bain, sophomore Noah Sletten and Egle finished the course in 4:02.72.

In the boys' 4x100-meter relay, sophomore Dillon Boespflug, Bowers, Bain and Sletten came in fourth place at 47.75 seconds. Bain, Sletten, Boespflug and Egle placed fourth in the 4x400-meter relay at 3:49.39.

Additional results

  • Girls' 100-meter: McKinley Boulter in 10th place at 13.72 seconds, Lauren Kervitsky in 20th at 14.41, Harber in 22nd at 14.46, Ashley Boulter in 33rd at 15.05, Brook Maxam in 40th at 15.53 and Cambry Boyer in 49th at 16.00.
  • Girls' 200-meter dash: Covill in 11th place at 29.01 seconds, Kervitsky in 17th at 30.65, Harber in 23rd at 31.47 and Maxam in 30th at 32.49.
  • Girls' 400-meter run: Davis in 10th place at 1:09.49 and Boyer in 22nd at 1:30.41.
  • Girls' 800-meter run: Lexie Goodrich in 10th place at 3:01.84.
  • Girls' 1600-meter run: Goodrich in 11th place at 6:37.83.
  • Girls' 100-meter hurdles: Seren Noble in 13th place at 19.28 seconds.
  • Girls high jump: a five-way tie for 10th place including Kervitsky and McKinley Boulter at 4-04, Covill in 15th at 4-02 and Maxam in 18th at 4-00.
  • Girls' long jump: McKinley Boulter in ninth place at 14-01, Majhanovich in 17th at 12-10, Mikayla Drake in 18th at 12-09, Harber in 19th at 12-08 1/2 and Davis in 21st at 12-07.
  • Girls' shot put: Goodrich in 32nd place at 24-03, Morgan Grossman in 36th place at 23-09 1/2, Ashley Boulter in 38th at 23-03 1/2, Trishell Jensen in 45th at 22-01 1/2, Ceili Fallon in 50th at 20-01 1/2 and Riley Mason in 58th at 17-06 1/2.
  • Girls' discus: Grossman in 30th place at 73-04, Fallon in 40th at 64-11 1/2, Jensen in 50th at 60-10 1/2, Ashley Boulter in 56th at 47-08 1/2 and Mason in 60th at 42-11 1/2.
  • Boys' 100-meter: Konner Ziegler in 20th place at 12.47 seconds, Nicholas Vitanza in 29th at 12.56, Boespflug in 40th at 12.73, Alexander Bitters in 46th at 12.95, Zach Moreno in 50th at 13.00 and Connor Crockett in 80th at 14.47.
  • Boys' 200-meter: Bain in 13th place at 25.05 seconds, Ziegler in 17th at 25.35 and Moreno in 34th at 26.41.
  • Boys' 400-meter: Moreno in 17th at 59.95 seconds and Crockett in 29th at 1:06.41.
  • Boys' high jump: a three-way tie for 10th place including Vitanza at 5-04 and Bitters in 17th at 5-00.
  • Boys' long jump: Boespflug in 35th place at 14-06 1/2.
  • Boys' shot put: Gregory in 19th place at 34-08 1/2, Tim Hosler in 25th at 30-11, Austin Green in 32nd at 29-03 1/2, Cordelle Lane in 33rd at 29-01 1/2 and Michael Casebolt in 57th at 20-02.
  • Boys' discus: Green in 13th place at 105-10, Hosler in 33rd at 81-03, Lane in 36th at 78-07 1/2 and Casebolt in 60th at 55-09 1/2.