Girls’ swim team dives into season


LANDER – The Sublette County combined girls’ swim team confidently leapt from the starting blocks into the 2023 season, posting strong performances at both the Lander Relays on Friday, Aug. 25, followed by the Bruce Gresly Pentathlon (also in Lander) on Saturday.

The pentathlon required each athlete to complete five events – the 100-butterfly, 100-backstroke, 50-freestyle, 100-breaststroke and 100-freestyle. The combined times from all five events determined a swimmer’s overall placing.

Despite its name, the Lander Relays actually included a full lineup of individual events in addition to relays.

Jolynn Jones punched her ticket to State at the Bruce Gresley Pentathlon, qualifying in the 100-butterfly with a time of 1 minute, 14.42 seconds. Jones led the Sublette County pack that day, finishing the pentathlon in 39th place overall with a combined time of 5:52.73.

Senior Addysen Levitt captured bronze in the 100-yard freestyle at the Lander Relays on Friday, timing the event in at 1:14.70. Leavitt also earned the Sportsmanship Award at the pentathlon.

In relay action on Friday, juniors Maggie Walker and Emma York, Jones and Levitt snapped up second place in the 200-freestyle relay, hitting the finish line in 2:05.14.

“We are off to a great start and excited to see what this season brings!” said Co-Head Coach Kursty Day.

Additional Lander Pentathlon results

Walker came in 45th place overall with a combined time after five events of 6:00.71. York finished close on Walker’s heels in 50th place at 6:04.77.

Levitt snagged 57th place, posting a five-event time of 6:14.87. Libby Olson completed all five events in 64th place with an overall time of 6:39.76.

Kamia Runyan secured 67th place, finishing all five events at 6:47.37. KaLee Bohnet took 74th place, tallying a combined time of 7:07.01.

Additional Lander Relay   

• 200-freestyle: Jones in seventh place at 2:35.66, York in eighth at 2:36.67, Alyce Hayward in 14th at 3:08.19 and Francis Hadlee in 15th at 3:18.25.

• 50-freestyle: Walker in fourth place at 30.73 seconds, Olson in sixth at 31.99, Levitt in seventh at 32.31, Clairee Bingham in eighth at 32.60, Bohnet in 10th at 33.26, Runyan in 11th at 33.60, Aurora Rees in 12th at 33.65, Matazi Landers in 13th at 34.36, Bryn Arne in 16th at 35.64, Addison Kinnamon in 17th at 36.23, Evalyn Smith in 19th at 36.90, Francis in 22nd at 39.15, Mariaha Morgan in 24th at 40.50 and Anna Wexels in 30th at 48.26.

• 200-butterfly relay: Jones, Francis, Bohnet and Rees in fifth place at 2:44.20.

• 100-freestyle: Bingham in seventh place at 1:17.46, Runyan in 10th at 1:19.34, Arne in 11th at 1:23.41 and Hayward in 12th at 1:25.86.

• 500-freestyle relay: Olson, Runyan, Bingham and Hayward in sixth place at 7:39.08.

• 200-freestyle relay: Smith, Wexels, Kinnamon and Francis in seventh place at 2:40.99.

• 100-backstroke: Walker in fifth place at 1:19.72, Jones in eighth at 1:27.59, Olson in 10th at 1:28.88, Rees in 12th at 1:32.89, Bohnet in 14th at 1:35.88, Kinnamon in 17th at 1:40.81 and Morgan in 18th at 1:50.69.

• 100-breaststroke: Smith in eighth place at 1:42.45 and Landers in ninth at 1:44.19.

• 400-freestyle relay: Olson, Morgan, Kinnamon and Rees in eighth place at 5:33.69.