Action packed weekend for boys’ swim team


WYOMING – Hitting the road for another busy weekend, the Sublette County combined boys’ swim team competed in the Lander Triple Duels on Friday, Dec. 16, followed by the Riverton Invitational on Saturday, Dec. 17.

Senior Dillon Boespflug qualified for State in his seventh individual event – the 200-freestyle – over the weekend.

Boespflug captured silver in the 100-breaststroke in Lander, reaching the finish line in 1 minute, 10.38 seconds. He placed third in the 200-freestyle on Friday with a time of 2:06.41.

At the Riverton Invitational, Boespflug came in third place in the 100-butterfly, posting a time of 1:02.79.

Junior Andy DeClue qualified for State in two additional events at Lander and Riverton, the 100-backstroke and 500-freestyle.

DeClue snagged second place in the 100-backstroke at Lander, clocking in at 1:07.11. He secured bronze in the 500-freestyle in Riverton at 5:55.86.

Timing in at 1:10.99, junior John Ruby picked up bronze in the 100-butterfly at Lander. Sophomore Calleb Willson took third place in the 100-freestyle on Friday at 1:04.89.

Freshman Scotty Ring finished third in the 100-backstroke at Lander, hitting the finish line in 1:18.15.

“The team is generating momentum off of a great first weekend and carrying through this weekend showing some huge time drops,” wrote Co-Head Coaches Kursty Day and Cheryl Grossman. “We had quite a few boys out sick this week but they rallied and everyone competed at the top of their game. Special mention should go out to swimmers Calleb Willson, Reuben Allen, Scotty Ring and John Ruby, who all dropped over 5 seconds in their events. We couldn’t be prouder of this amazing group of young men.”

Additional results – Lander

• 200-medley relay: Ring, Allen, DeClue and Sage Mahaffey in fifth place at 2:13.35.

• 200-freestyle: Willson in eighth place at 2:36.77.

• 200-individual medley: DeClue in fifth place at 2:30.18.

• 50-freestyle: Ruby in sixth place at 27.51 seconds, Mahaffey in seventh at 27.69, Ring in 10th at 30.79, Kyle Donaldson in 11th at 34.22 and Allen in 12th at 38.80.

• 500-freestyle: Mahaffey in eighth place at 7:24.59.

• 200-freestyle relay: Ruby, Willson, Donaldson and Boespflug in fifth place at 1:53.72.

•100-backstroke: Allen in sixth place at 1:45.23.

• 100-breaststroke: Donaldson in fifth place at 1:46.55.

• 400-freestyle relay: Ruby, Ring, Willson and DeClue in fourth place at 4:19.56.

Additional results – Riverton

• 200-medley relay: Willson, Allen, Boespflug and DeClue in sixth place at 2:15.55.

• 200-freestyle: Ring in 10th place at 2:41.53.

• 200-individual medley: Ruby in sixth place at 2:38.20.

• 50-freestyle: Boespflug in fourth place at 24.65 seconds, DeClue in 10th at 26.28 and Donaldson tied for 20th place at 33.33.

• 100-freestyle: Ruby in sixth place at 1:00.75, Willson in 10th at 1:07.61 and Allen in 17th at 1:34.74.

• 200-freestyle relay: Ruby, Allen, Donaldson and Ring in ninth place at 2:13.29.

• 100-backstroke: Ring in ninth place at 1:22.13 and Donaldson in 13th at 1:31.53.

• 100-breaststroke: Willson in fifth place at 1:22.55.

• 400-freestyle relay: DeClue, Ring, Ruby and Boespflug in fourth place at 4:07.94.