2021 Surly Pika Adventure Race results

Adventure racers hit the ground running, biking and hiking to participate in the 2021 Surly Pika Adventure Race, associated with the Rocky Mountain Adventure Series, tests competitors on their navigational skills while pushing them to the limits, physically. Teams entered a 12- or 6-hour race to collect as many hidden checkpoints as possible.

The 6-hour races were based on a point system related to each checkpoint's difficulty.

12-hour course results:

First place went to team Meep-Meep, consisting of Abby Broughton and Jason Popilsky. They found 17 of 17 checkpoints in 8 hours, 45 minutes.

Team Unruly Unicorns – Margaret Schlachter and Travis Magaluk – placed second, locating 10 of 17 checkpoints in 11 hours, 30 minutes. Third-place honors went to Hana and Eric Smith of Team Better Late Than Never with seven out of 17 checkpoints in 11 hours, 56 minutes.

6-hour three person coed division results:

Wind River Brewing Flavor Assurance Team won first place with 29 points. The team included Todd Morgan, Gracy Carpenter and Roy DeWitt.

Team Jive House – Caitlin Tan, Sam Hill and David Case – placed second with 26 points. The Grand Champions, consisting of Jennifer Pedersen, Kevin Yeatts and Jennifer Yeatts. came in third.

6-hour open division results:

Red Lodge Fire Team 71 won top honors with 35 points. Teammates Amy Hyfield and Tom Kohley also earned the highest overall score in the 6-hour course.

Team Hellcats – Valerie Werbelow, Elisha Haley and Amber Lake – placed second at 28 points. Kris Searles and Martin Hudson on Team Prospectors came in third with 26 points.