Urgent call to change Wyoming laws to protect all wildlife from torture

Urge wildlife management decision-makers to take action:
. provide federal protections for wolves
. change Wyoming's cruelty laws to protect ALL wildlife

. prohibit snowmobiles from running over any wildlife

In Wyoming, it is illegal to possess a live wolf, but it is legal to torture it to death in any manner, even with a snowmobile. This is unconscionable! 

A man chased down a wolf on his snowmobile on February 29 and captured the wolf in his possession. The man reportedly ran over the wolf with a snowmobile, then proceeded to tape its mouth shut, bring the animal to a home and local bar where it was tortured and tormented, and then kill the wolf out behind the bar hours later in the evening. We hate to imagine the details of what this poor animal went through in its final moments of life. The hate and cruelty here is unfathomable. And for what? The man's only charge was a $250 fine for possessing a live wolf. This situation directly reflects the dire need for federal protection of these animals and new laws that require the maximum felony penalties.

This behavior is not uncommon in our state. In 2019, a Wyoming snowmobiler filmed himself running over a coyote several times to finish it off. While filming, the driver picked up the coyote by the tail and beat it on his snowmobile. The public was outraged, which led to a draft bill submitted for legislative action to end running over predatory animals with snowmobiles. The bill did not make it to a committee but moved through an interim legislative process. It once again died. Every legislator was sent a copy of the video showing the action but refused to support change, stating that it was a slippery slope. We, along with our partners, will submit another draft bill for consideration this year. Warning: Graphic video of snowmobile killing

Your Voice Matters

Please politely reach out to the following contacts and request that the legality of alleged torture of a wild animal begs for answers as to what changes will be made to prevent such brutal and inhumane acts of animal cruelty in the future.  

Also, please consider attending the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission meeting in person or virtually to make a public comment on April 17, 2024 in Riverton. You must send in your online comment form by Friday, Noon, April 12. Details are in the box below.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department
Director: Brian Nesvik

Governor Mark Gordon
Wyoming Game and Fish Commission
President: Ralph.Brokaw@wyo.gov
Vice President: Richard.Ladwig@wyo.gov

Wyoming Game and Fish Commission Public Meeting

April 16-17, 2024
Holiday Inn, 900 East Sunset Dr.
In-person and via Zoom videoconferencing.

Wednesday, April 17

Agenda Item #9 Trapping Reform
Presenter: Jason Hunter, Lander Wildlife Supervisor, Wildlife Division.
Update on Trapping. 
60 minutes. 8:00 - 9:00 a.m.

Agenda Item #17 Wolf Public Comment
Comments will include the recent torture and killing of a gray wolf.
12:30 p.m.

We need YOU to show up, with hundreds of public comments at the meeting! To comment on agenda item #9 or #17 via Zoom, you must submit an Advanced Comment Form to toni.bell2@wyo.gov by Friday, Noon, April 12!
1) Scroll to the bottom of the agenda
2) Fill out the Advanced Comment Form
3) Screen shot and email to toni.bell2@wyo.gov

How to submit an effective public comment:

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