Tim Perry


Possessing a mind like a steel trap, none of us could quite understand where Tim gained his aptitude with numbers. Pairing that skill with a lifelong love of sports, he could rattle off the stats of almost any player or team in the NBA, NFL and MLB at any time. His father recalls attending a Colorado Rockies game where when Tim was able to nearly predict each inning with his statistical mastery, a surrounding spectator got so irritated that he offered to buy him a meal to shut him up for a few minutes.

Timothy Travis Perry (age 25) of Laramie, Wyo., passed away on Aug. 24, 2021, in a vehicular accident.

He was born Aug. 27, 1995, in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Mark (Slim) and Melanie Perry. At the age of 4, his family relocated to Pinedale, Wyo., where he later graduated from Pinedale High School. Tim was incredibly gifted academically, often leaving school expectations in the rearview mirror. His clever nature and quick wit also transferred over to his interpersonal relationships. He went on to attend the University of Wyoming in both the business and entrepreneurship programs.

Tim is a lifelong lover of sports, both as a participant and as a fan. Well known for being extremely tall and naturally athletic, Tim participated in almost every sport offering at Pinedale High School. As an adult he continued to enjoy playing basketball, often sighted playing pick-up games at UW’s Half Acre Gym. He was also very much a nerd at heart, enjoying reading, video games and keeping up on current tech.

In recent years, Tim had the opportunity to travel extensively through work and developed a great love of exploring the United States. From sandy beaches to seedy inner cities, he loved the opportunity to meet local people in their own unique environments.

Tim has the unusual distinction of both being whip-smart and having a heart of gold. We’ll miss the long, in-depth conversations and his contagious smile.

Tim is survived by his parents and three sisters, Cheyanne Dukatz, Miranda Perry, and Alexandra (Ally) Perry. A celebration of life will be scheduled at a later date.