Living – Life – Large

The Intrepid Explorer: Journal Entries

By Dan Abernathy
Posted 5/30/24

Early morning, well before the crack of dawn I rise to greet my journals. With excessive anticipation, I open them and pour in the peculiar thoughts and parts of who I am. These are some of my …

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Living – Life – Large

The Intrepid Explorer: Journal Entries


Early morning, well before the crack of dawn I rise to greet my journals. With excessive anticipation, I open them and pour in the peculiar thoughts and parts of who I am. These are some of my bewildering thoughts that arrived from unknown and unlimited origins.

April Fourteenth

No ones combined features and traits that form the individual should be judged, especially if the judging is based on the words and opinions of another person. There are no weight limits to beauty and there is nothing more rare and beautiful than someone being unapologetically themselves. The true invariable nature of individual features and the concentrated properties of the true substance is being completely comfortable within, without hiding your imperfections.

April Twenty

This might be ludicrous and a bit crazy to think about and vocalize, but why cant people clean up after their dog if it is so important to have the dog with them at all times? Why is it so hard to be courteous to other people and not park in two parking spaces, park too close to another car or not return your shopping cart? Lastly, why are people so gullible when listening to the broken and misplaced words of politicians?

April Twenty-Seven

As time has moved on, Ive become much more involved with my inner world than my external world. Ive become quieter than in the past. Im more open and believe Im kinder and friendlier than so many that I see walking under the cloud of now. I have come to recognize how beautiful silence can be. Im not going to talk just for the sake of talking. Small meaningless conversations are somewhat boring. 75 percent of human conversation constitutes gossip and negativity and I refuse to take part in that number. Id rather be here with my own thoughts while I wait for a new one to arrive.

April Twenty-Ninth

I have stopped going to the Golden Arches as I prefer the taste of flavor. I decided to unlearn what I had been taught. I began to develop a shine as I started trusting who I was. I found it was important to stay a little feral. This may have ruined my reputation to some, but I also no longer care about what others may think. I am just who I am and live with the total freedom of who I am.

May First

I cannot understand why we were taught to fear the witches while having no fear of those who chastised them and then burned them alive. I cannot understand the trueless ideals, which have been installed into innocent victims of a wounded conspiracy. A treacherous plot that still emerges through the haze of forgetfulness as we are being prepared for an unreal life not yet discovered.

May Seventh

Ive never asked you to give up who you were to salvage who I am, while I stand in the dwindling light of the moon. The anger is but a transparent mask that covers nothing of whats left of the unhappy in your mind. I can still hear the screams of the onlookers seeing the falseness of the past, recorded for the future as it shows the life-like painting of Adam and Eve, each with prominent navels.

May Eleventh

I am destined, as a wandering seeker, to have no destination. I understand that understanding all things will not be. This still does not allow me to stop thinking and trying. This is the way I look at what I see. When you step into the moment you can see a vast collection of objects and find wonderment in each one. I look for the hidden meaning, the unseen message. My belief is to see everything until one thing is noticed, then look at that alone, by itself. When you give close attention to one thing, it becomes indescribably magnificent. The more you look at it, the more you see. The more you see, the more you want to see. Its being completely in the moment, undistracted and openly receiving the message that is being sent.

May Fourteenth

Its another spilled thought that doesnt seem to dry, but there have been so many forks in the road the choices have become endless. There were people that were loved, but no longer exist, but they will always still be here. The dust settles on the spilled thought until a new rainstorm rolls over and clears the murky water in the shallow grave of what was.

May Eighteenth

As I look into the all of what is now, a vague sense of unease begins to merge into my complete. Its a feeling that should be unavailable for general use as it effectively destroys all feelings of ease. This creates a type of discharge that covers certainty with an uncertain sense of disgust.

May Nineteenth

I watched for sometime as the morning turned to light. The raven sits on a bare crooked branch putting the sheen back to its gleaming smooth feathered head. When the charcoal beak was polished clean the raven looked around expecting nothing as it looked for even less. The wide wings spread as it tipped off the bare crooked branch and was gone. Going to places he would not say, as he did not know.

May Nineteenth

While distorted and dishonest laughter smears and echoes through the air, lights flash, sirens fade and the rows of clowns frown under painted smiles. There is nothing to remember, if there is nothing to forget, while the end of the crowd waits in line for tickets and the front of the line push with hunger towards death. This is the queue where the insane are free from mental derangement and the sane are mentally disarranged and free from a sound mind.  - dbA

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