The Intrepid Explorer: 'Anything goes'

By Dan Abernathy,
Posted 5/9/24

We live in a world of, “ anything goes,” where we can be coerced into believing that anything can be true. Anything goes until someone points out that it is not what they like or want. …

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The Intrepid Explorer: 'Anything goes'


We live in a world of, anything goes,” where we can be coerced into believing that anything can be true. Anything goes until someone points out that it is not what they like or want. Then a wave of constituents starts a petition to make it their way, and when their way becomes actuality, we still live in a world of, Anything goes.”

If people say and believe that “anything goes,” they mean that anything people do or say is considered acceptable. Usually, however, they rarely approve of this, ‘anything isas an acceptable concept.

This is why people give up their freedom for security. They create a problem, then the problem creates a reaction. If there is enough fear and hysteria, people will accept the solution that limits their rights and they will begin to beg for change.

We now inhabit a constantly changing culture of counting and measuring. We must judge and compare to keep score. This rating of others and ourselves, even whats around us has become habitual. We have created categories to be placed and positioned in. Physical characteristics such as skin color, gender, sexual preference, passions, wealth, religion and spirituality.

We catalog and categorize by health, age, appearance and endless definitions derived from whims and what ifs. What all this scorekeeping does is makes us find unhappiness and more judgment as we score thoughts that cannot be kept or measured to the immeasurable level of created excellence.

What must be done is to take note and stop counting and measuring. Become part of the calm counterculture of nonconformity where all individuals are perfect in their own way. A space where they are not judged or pushed into negativity for not measuring up to false standards created by those with low self-esteem.

With constant bombardment, we have been programmed to live with fear. This program has been unchanged or unvarying from the beginning of time. It has been greatly injected and administered because a fearful person is more obedient.

Fear is the weapon used to control the mind. To those who implant this fear, their fear is the freethinking mind. The ones with a conscious mind will question what is felt to be right or wrong for  who they are. They are feared because they are awake. They think and they do not blindly believe all that is told to them.

The Greek philosopher Socrates sought to get to the foundation of views and opinions by asking continual questions until a contradiction was exposed. This inconsistency provided the misconception of the initial assumption.

Socrates’ dialectic method was about searching for the truth and reaching the true knowledge with a series of discussions and questions being asked. This aids in clarifying the definition and discussion. It is about reaching truth with short and direct answers to questions.

The Greek word, dialectic, merely means “dialogue.” It is simply the method of asking a question and then debating various answers to the question.

Socrates’ dialectic method involved a dialogue between people, a rational examination of values and the use of questions and answers to arrive at a deeper understanding of the truth. In human history, when the status quo is challenged by a new historical development or force, a new form of life emerges from the combining of the elements of the separate or abstract entities with the prior stages.

Socrates was Plato’s teacher. Plato then started his school called the Academy and Aristotle was one of his students. Aristotle believed there were three dialectical quandaries. An unrelenting crisis, paired with inhibited grief, an emotional vulnerability with self-invalidation and an active indifference showing the appearance of competence.

This art of persuasion, the act of influencing someone to do something or to change their mind, can be understood through the representation of abstract. Any arena where individuals spar against each other while slinging their own propaganda in front of a braying audience is a platform.

Propaganda is the mode of communication that is used to manipulate or influence the opinion of a group to support a cause or belief. This broadcasting of information contains few facts and arguments, but rather is filled with rumors, half-truths and complete lies to influence public opinion.

It is the spreading of information in order to influence public opinion and manipulate other people’s beliefs. This message is only intended to serve the interests of the messenger. It is biased and misleading information, used to promote or publicize a point of view.

Ive seen enough of this obnoxious assignment being forced to fear the propaganda being forced to lower our vibrations and control our consciousness. I have chosen to master my emotions and remain the holder of a freethinking mind. There is too much news being projected that erases thought and replaces it with conformity. The source of this doctrine is called prime-time news. Newscasts only hold what remains of the truth after it has been dissected and manipulated by the oligarch.

I believe the purpose of life is to live and to taste the experience of living large to the utmost and to follow all your dreams and reach for them without fear. This is how I find myself, as I wouldnt conform to conformity. What happened though, was the more I found myself, the more people I seemed to lose. Everything seems to have a cost; to not fit in and not conform to the impractical and unrealistic whims is the price paid to those who do fit in. - dbA

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