Letter to the Editor

Take action to defend predators from torture


Dear Citizens of Sublette County,

Your opinion matters!

A Sublette County Commissioner told me that at least 90 percent of Sublette County people agree that the wolf-torture incident was absolutely horrible.  If this is true, do something about it! 

Running over any animal with a snow machine should be against the law.  Predators should receive the same level of protection from animal cruelty as all other animals.  Animal Cruelty should have steeper fines and should include jail time – (jail impacts the rich and the poor - fines do not always).  Cruelty should be taken seriously and not like some kind of a joke with cold-hearted people.

This is all being talked about at the Legislature - though laws may not be decided on until December.  Our State Representative, Albert Sommers, is a very powerful man on this issue.  He is fair and your opinion will count because he is representing our wishes here in Sublette County.

Please feel good about yourself and help the animals.  Let Albert know what you think:

                                                                                                      Email -  Albert.Sommers@wyoleg.

                                                                                                      Call or Text - 307-360-7060

                                                                                                      Mail   -   PO Box 1608, Pinedale WY   83113                                                                                            

It is our duty to steer the Legislature in the direction we would like it to take.  And it is our duty to make Wyoming a better place for all life.  Your Opinion matters to the many animals that suffer abuse.   

Remember this from C.F. Alexander’s famous poem:

All things bright   

        and beautiful,

All creatures great

         and small,

All things wise

        and wonderful—

The Lord God made

        them all.


Thank you,  

Tara Miller, Big Piney, Wyo.


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