Global concern over tortured wolf sparks cross-country bikers' rally

Hogs for Hope raises $100K, heads to Daniel


DANIEL – The recent revelation of a harrowing incident involving the torture and killing of a young wolf pup at the Green River Bar in Daniel, Wyo., has ignited outrage worldwide. The severity of the cruelty depicted in the leaked video has not only stunned seasoned animal advocates but has also prompted global calls for reforming animal cruelty laws in Wyoming.

In response to this pivotal event, concerned citizens from across the nation are uniting to drive change. Among them is Jonas Black, renowned as "America's Outlaw Dog Trainer," boasting a platform of nearly 2 million followers. In a bid to honor the memory of the tortured pup, Jonas and his brother have announced a cross-country ride from Austin, TX, to the Green River Bar in Daniel, the site of the tragic incident.

What commenced as a humble tribute to the sacrificed wolf pup, dubbed "Hope," has evolved into a worldwide movement. "Hogs for Hope," a charity ride aimed at raising funds for wildlife organizations actively working in Wyoming, has gained viral traction. Promoted by celebrities and influencers, the initiative has garnered millions of views across various social media platforms. The GoFundMe campaign, initially aiming for $10,000, is now poised to surpass $100,000 within a mere two weeks.

The Daniel incident serves as a catalyst, showcasing a level of wanton cruelty that
transcends political boundaries and has spurred Wyoming and the nation into action. It is
anticipated that this event will be viewed retrospectively as a watershed moment, with "Hogs for Hope" emerging as the unexpected heroes of the movement.

The charity ride, "Hogs for Hope," commenced in Austin, Texas on May 22, and will culminate in Jackson, Wyo., on May 26. 100 percent of all proceeds will be channeled to Wyoming Wildlife Advocates, Wolves of the Rockies and the Wyoming Wildlife Coalition.

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