National, state wildlife organizations issue statements on torture of wolf


The Humane Society of the United States, Wyoming Wildlife Advocates, Wildlife for All, Hunters and Anglers for Wildlife Management Reform, Wyoming Untrapped and Wolves of the Rockies released the following statements in response to reports about the capture and alleged abuse of a wolf by Daniel, Wyo., man Cody Roberts. 

Wyoming Wildlife Advocates

“Wyoming wolf management ignores and defies science and is based instead on politics driven by fear-mongering myths and misconceptions about wolves, helping perpetuate irrational hatred towards these native animals,” said Kristin Combs, executive director of Wyoming Wildlife Advocates. “State wildlife managers are focused on populations of animals and often turn a blind eye to the welfare of individuals. This gives silent permission to those who would commit acts of cruelty that it is ok to torture animals as long as it isn’t hurting the overall population.”

Hunters and Anglers for Wildlife Management Reform

“This has no resemblance to hunting,” said Dave Stalling, founder and executive director of Hunters and Anglers for Wildlife Management Reform. “This horrific incident is a symptom of an irrational hatred for wolves that exists throughout much of the West, perpetuated by many — not all — hunters and agricultural interests who have far too much influence and control over state wildlife management. It illustrates why we need to reform wildlife management so that all citizens have a say and all species are protected.”

Large Carnivore Fund

“As a society, we cannot allow this behavior to pass with a small fine and no additional enforcement,” said Helena Edelson, President and CEO of Large Carnivore Fund. “Do we want a person like this to be hunting in our forests and rangelands, or be an example for other adults and children? If this man had injured, captured and transported a live elk or deer instead of a wolf, would Wyoming’s response be the same? As local ranchers, hunters, scientists, wildlife conservationists and landowners in Wyoming and Montana, we will take legal action to increase enforcement and laws to prevent this from happening to any of our public wildlife. At a minimum such offenses should exclude the offender from obtaining future hunting and trapping licenses.”

Humane Society of the United States

“No wolf or other wild animal should ever have to endure this level of torment, fear and agony, including having their mouth taped closed and made to suffer a slow, stressful and painful death,” said Wendy Keefover, senior strategist, Humane Society of the United States. “Cruelty to wildlife is not a spectator sport and must be strongly condemned. This sickening incident underscores the urgent need to relist Northern Rockies wolves under the Endangered Species Act to prohibit senseless violence.”

Wildlife for All

“Unfortunately, this incident is a symptom of a broken system of wildlife management in Wyoming and other states,” said Kevin Bixby, Wildlife for All co-executive director. “State wildlife laws and policies are a relic of the past, reflecting a time when animals were divided into good and bad based on their perceived value to humans. Until those policies are changed, many animals will remain unprotected, and these types of incidents will continue.”

Wyoming Untrapped

“This wolf was tortured needlessly,” said Lisa Robertson, President/Co-Founder for Wyoming Untrapped. “We must encourage compassionate coexistence with wolves, which will naturally lead to a more balanced approach to the management of natural resources and less tolerance for unchecked exploitation. Wyoming's laws and regulations must better meet the values of a changing public to join us in creating a conservation ethic aligned with ecological and socially current principles.”

Wolves of the Rockies

Kim Bean, President Wolves of the Rockies, said, “The blatant disregard for native carnivores in Wyoming is a systemic sickness that is based on fear and bigotry. It is time for wildlife reform that is not biased to what is wanted on the landscape, but what is needed for the well-being of all.”

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