Mother Nature's environmental solution

Jeff Holder, director of Synergy for Ecological Solutions
Posted 5/20/21

We have been hearing for decades that we must address climate change.

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Mother Nature's environmental solution


We have been hearing for decades that we must address climate change. However, the only solutions that have been offered by the environmental community are to reduce use of plastic, separate trash, eat vegan, buy local and protest the oil and gas industry. The majority of environmental nonprofits are focused on the latter. Earth Day was started in 1972 and yet here we are still talking about our poor air quality. The issue is that the above solutions don’t take advantage of the way nature intended to clean our air – the process of photosynthesis.

As we know, in healthy soil, vegetation grows. This vegetation acts like an air purifier and pulls carbon from the air, sequestering it in the roots and soil. In exchange, oxygen is released from the vegetation into our air. It pulls out the carbon that we don’t want to breathe and releases the oxygen that we require. It’s a process that is going on all around us and is key to soil science. Do you remember, though, what we said we needed for vegetation growth? Healthy soil.

If we want to purify our air, the best way is nature’s way. We need to increase our soil health. This is the solution that can scale to tackle such a large issue. Many ranchers and farmers in the West have embraced better techniques and typically desire to do even more to make their soils healthy. There will be no better steward for the land than the agriculturist. It truly is their lifeline and every day they choose the long-term win of good soil health. However, it comes with a price through materials, equipment and labor for practices. Farming and ranching can be a thin margin operation and there comes a point where a steward of the land is not economically able to keep doing more regenerative projects.

However, there is another group that is also interested in seeing our air quality improve. The people who are reducing their plastic, separating trash and maybe even eating vegan. They are frustrated that the issue is large and the only solutions offered won’t scale to address a large issue. They can donate to improve soil health, thereby improving our air quality, mitigating the amount of carbon in the air.

We are challenging all of us to re-think environmental concerns. Nature has the solution; we need only to cooperate. We would love to hear your comments and encourage you to check out our website to learn more about soil health being the lynchpin to better air quality at There’s a new, better way forward for both our land and air!