Living – Life – Large Nov. 9, 2023

By Dan Abernathy
Posted 11/8/23

This week I’m sharing a few of my bewildering thoughts that arrived from the unknown and unlimited origins during the month of October.

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Living – Life – Large Nov. 9, 2023


I rise early each day with great anticipation to open my art journals and pour into them the peculiar parts of who I am. This week Im sharing a few of my bewildering thoughts that arrived from the unknown and unlimited origins during the month of October.


Oct. 5

I dont believe there has ever been a career in my path of being. My occupation or profession continues to grow with converted transformation. However, with the categorization and arrangement of some vague category, I believe it would be placed over there, in that closet with the broken door handle, along with the other ones that dont belong.
My categorized occupation or profession would be with the ones sharing living, often in a loose- fitting robe, as they distribute what theyve learned to wanderers passing by. This distribution is done in comfort without hesitation, from a dwelling on the edge of the nature they share with ravens and robins, while always having a place for someone to rest.


Oct. 10

Ive wandered into belief and found comfort and a feeling of safe contentment in believing. Yet I still wonder and examine to find the differences and similarities. I do not judge them. I do not judge anyone for believing, as I applaud strong individual beliefs. My thoughts just swirl around religion and spirituality.

What Ive seemed to determine is that religion is based on fear, while spirituality is based on freedom. Religion is believing in someone elses experiences, while spirituality is the platform to have your own experiences. Religion separates people and their beliefs, while spirituality unites people regardless of their beliefs. Religion worships God; spirituality guides you to become one with God.

What it all succumbs to be seen, is that religion has boundaries and limitations. To seek spirituality is seeking without limitations. There is a slight conundrum with this whole analyzation of thought and belief. I have found an understanding that there is no right or wrong. We all must understand that there is a higher power, “The Creator,” and we can all believe in this without condemnation, in any form we choose. We must just believe and believing does not always bring with it understanding.


Oct. 12

There is a hunger that I find for all the things to see and know. This bit of compelling need and desire for everything I see, arrives from not being burdened with calling much my own. Because of this outlook Im often looked at with a discovered look of confusion.
As I find the identification of things previously seen, heard and known, the onlookers not understanding see the ignorant in my ignorance. There will be no borrowing of your opinion to make you feel more with comfort. I am under no obligation to make sense or to remove your uncomfortable comfort.

Oct. 23

Taking another step forward in this path of living we need no need to carry the weight of pretense and allegation. In doing so, in freeing oneself of this heavy burden, you lose the fear of exposure and ridicule. You become closer to who you are as you start getting acquainted with your true self. You become unaffected by flattery or criticism. Your path begins to fill with joy. Your vision becomes unobstructed so there is no stumbling over unwanted drama.

Oct. 31

We, as a weakening human race, are being guided into a sphere of influence where anything can occur, prevail and dominate. We are being escorted and accompanied by a growing force of power to reach an unknown destination in an unfamiliar area. We will be shown points of interest along the way and told why they are important with meaning and significance, but we are not allowed to ask questions as to why. There will be no map to this area as we can only travel within the borders we are forced to uphold.
This journey’s end that we have been Pied Pipered into with extravagant promises has been created from what was, to become what is. A place where words of truths and lies become obscure and lose all meaning. Here, things like tolerance and decency have faded and become erased history of a bygone day. In this new place of being, the darkest instincts of humans are tolerated without question.
In this realm we will step over the ideals of peace and compassion, while we create new devices for death. In this forthcoming place of what is, only money matters as its whats needed to dispense into the new system. Whats current will be broadcasted into our implanted chip and the libraries will have only one book. This coveted book will be considered sacred, yet it can be read by no one.


The keeping of words, thoughts, memories and attractions in a journal filled with who you are is not a map of sorts showing where to go, or who you are. All the entries with pen, paint and blood are to present and indicate who youve ceased to be. - dbA

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