Letter to the editor: I agree with Tara Miller


Dear editor,

I agree with Tara Miller’s letter.

The large center for traumatized women that the commissioners passed to be built on the Hoback Rim is not going to be a “public facility that benefits Sublette County.”

At the Planning and Zoning meeting, it was established that this highly guarded and secured center would cost upwards of $175,000 for a two or three-week stay. This is not for the public and it is not going to be within the needs or bounds of many people in Sublette County.

This is a retreat for very wealthy females and a good money maker for Jason Moyes.

There were many very good, sound reasons not to allow this center on the remote agriculturally zoned field next to the forest. The Planning and Zoning Board saw this, but some of the commissioners ignored them all and are allowing this monstrosity to be built.

Moyes is a developer who is sweeping the county with his developments on agricultural land to make all the money that he can. The commissioners need to be more astute and not take smooth-talkers at face value. Many things Moyes told them are not accurate.

Moyes has already had his church members from California build a buckrail fence around this property which is next to a wildlife migration route. Studies have shown that this is the worst type of fence for wildlife to get hung up, hurt or killed. He does not care.

He even threatened to divide this land into lots to sell if he did not get his center. He is squeezing Sublette County for all he can.

The commissioners need to wake up and be more serious about protecting the county’s landscapes and wildlife. Take care of the things that make this county wonderful.

Ron Jacobs, Daniel