Letter to the Editor

Normal people don't torture animals


Dear Editor,

Now that PETA is involved, thank God there is a chance of finding some sort of justice for the innocent, helpless wolf who was run over, taped up, paraded around a bunch of IQ80 thugs and then murdered. Lots to be proud of there, Wyoming! 

Good God! Wyoming is supposed to be one of the great states that still has any nature left!
Wolves are part of Mother Nature - they are sentient beings who are loyal and courageous and beautiful. Wyoming citizens apparently get joy out of torturing and murdering innocent, helpless wolves like the one Cody Roberts tortured and murdered. 

I have read that Cody Roberts is getting death threats — good! I wish upon him every single torture he put that poor wolf through. Cody Roberts - and anyone who watched in glee as he tortured that wolf - is a total sociopath who simply tortures animals because if he gets caught torturing humans then he might go to prison.

If you think this is the first innocent animal that Cody Roberts has tortured and murdered, then you are wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

Normal people do not behave this way. Murderous people with depraved tendencies behave this way. This f***ker needs to be jailed and his computers and property searched. I guarantee you will find other evidence of animal torture
because that is what people like Cody Roberts do. Full stop. Humans have killed the planet. There is no longer bountiful, beautiful Mother Nature because humans have killed her and every single part of Mother Nature that we murder means we are hastening our own deaths. This one wolf mattered.

Humans are the only species capable of absolute depravity and we prove it every single f***ing day. Do the right thing — jail Cody Roberts. 


Alexandra Mitchell, Dallas, Texas

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