Contributing to the chaos – Oct. 15

Dan Abernathy, local columnist
Posted 10/14/21

Though commonly known, it is not commonly accepted. Sometimes it is easier to not accept the truth than to deal with the discomfort of it.

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Contributing to the chaos – Oct. 15


Though commonly known, it is not commonly accepted. Sometimes it is easier to not accept the truth than to deal with the discomfort of it. The control of information is something that has always been done, particularly in an unlimited form of a controlling government. If you control information you control the people.

Right now, in this point in time, we all must pay close attention. There is not one portion or fragment of what is happening that is an unintentional accident.

There is no fear in the truth. It can be questioned and examined to no end, as it is the truth. The misconception of a lie however lurks in the shadows of deceit. We know they are not speaking the truth. They know they are not speaking the truth. Yet they are still are not speaking the truth.

The truth is part of the trail to personal freedom. It is a valuable commodity with so many pilferers and swindlers trying to take, embezzle and swindle you out of it.

Through a controlled, systematic indoctrination based on repetition and confusion, a conditioning enslavement is occurring. But, a mind that questions what is not known, a mind that values freedom and understands itself, will be free of the controlling persuasion.

I find little intelligence in the presumed people of power. Their possession of control and command over people is gained from the manipulation of a dysfunctional system. This is seen watching authority continually breaking the law. If you allow authority to break the law because of an emergency, they will always create an emergency to break the law.

I believe that, as a whole, we have been medicated without prescription to the point of nonexistent as a human race. Each day we are distracted by the trivial that does not mater. This has been our indoctrination for so long now that the insignificant things of little importance or value have become the absolute of great significance. We have become accustomed to having our attention diverted.

Take for instance the obscurity of these few topics they continue to surface with little or no response or action.

  1. The ineffectiveness of a medical product is being blamed on those who haven’t used it. Let this sink in a bit and see if you can find the logic.
  2. A deadly sickness requiring an advertising promotion that is constantly projected to remind you it exists. A pandemic doesn’t need marketing campaigns and endless propaganda to keep you living in fear.
  3. The average American throws away 185 pounds of plastic a year, even though it is common knowledge that we could be using nontoxic, biodegradable hemp plastic, but we as a nation, still do not.

The ocean covers 71 percent of the earth. According to a new analysis by 2050 there would be more plastic in the ocean than fish. With the expediential increase of single-use plastic during our so-called pandemic, this has been moved to 2030.

  1. In search of revenue, the Biden administration wants a more robust reporting regime would narrow the so-called “tax gap.” This would help the IRS identify billions of taxes that go unpaid.

Banks are getting their knickers in a knot over this addition in the Biden administrations proposed $3.5-trillion budget plan. It could result in banks having to report transaction data for any account with at least $600 of inflows or outflows annually.

Though we all know where the largest “tax gap” hole is. I am not one to claim authority on knowing anything about banking. My banking consists of single dollar bills stored in an old cigar box. But $3.5 trillion is an unfathomable number.

People do not have any reference points for these numbers, especially when it sits on top of the $28.4-trillion U.S. debt that we already have.

I also find it funny in a disgusting way that this debt belongs to Japan at $1.3 trillion, China at $1.1 trillion and the rest, by U.S. citizens, because their Social Security and pension funds were reallocated.

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy Natasha Sarin says this $600 watchdog is estimated to generate $460 billion over a decade. That would be 10 years. $28.4 trillion, if this stays the same, minus $460 billion? Even I can see how this doesn’t pencil out.

This invasion into a $600 transaction is just another right deleted from freedom and will affect millions of the bottom end of American taxpayers and small businesses.

Executive Vice President of Congressional Relations and Political Affairs at the American Bankers Association James Ballentine labeled it correctly. “It's almost as if they're trying to create a haystack in order to find the needle.”

Society has altered and indoctrinated us into a way of being that many have adapting as “the way.” We have wasted an entire life, or so it seems, preparing ourselves for the future that has been misplaced. Enjoying the moment and living now has become secondary because of the foibles of others’ thoughts on what happiness and success are.

As I am opposed to a social order where principles are not constituted for a freethinking individual, I am labeled as acting in opposition, a nonconformist. I am placed in this category of classification because society has been taught to fear behavior that is a distinguishing characterization in one’s personal nature in a world filling with conformists. I find it so very comfortable to be here where I have been placed. - dbA

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