Letter to the Editor

Cody Roberts' actions against wolf are devastating


Dear Editor,

After living in Jackson Hole these last 31 years and testifying in the 1993 federal hearing on behalf of the wolf's reintroduction in the Rockies, I am devastated by Cody Roberts' recent gloating, mocking and torturing murder of our (!) young, vulnerable 2 yr old male wolf.
Something in me snapped over this as billionaires fly into our western region (with their own exploiting behavior) while this barbaric behavior continues to occur. The fact that Wyoming, Idaho and Montana continue to allow the torturous practices of coyote "derbies" and now open season on our wolves, makes me sick.

I believe this recent occurrence needs to be broadcast everywhere and along with this April 8, 2024 delisting of wolves lawsuit filed today, we need to stop this once and for all!

Laurie Brown, Jackson, Wyoming

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