Chronologies, Excerpts, Fragments and Reflections, words from the Artistic Journals of Dan Abernathy


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Living – Life – Large

No matter where I am, each morning, I open my journals and pour into them myself. These are my thoughts, ideas and contemplation of opinion or beliefs, all of which arrive from unlimited sources. Each word, prose or paragraph of the following excerpts, are born on a page within my artistic journals.


Be it in the words that are written or the words that are spoken, the message can only be delivered to those without the restriction to receive the communication sent by the messenger. People listening will also only understand from their own, mostly guarded, level of perception. 


Semi-knowing, through the course of reactions to coincidence and mistakes, I made the choices that find me like this. In a recent act of disclosure through self-inquiry, I understand that the reason of me may derive from all things. 

We once were once ruled, and possibly still are, by monarchs, czars and conservatives. This is why I can still confidently state to you, the self-proclaimed expert of who I am, what annoys me the most is that there will be no summer tomorrow, or the day after. 


What you think about today is a lot of what you thought about yesterday. These mundane thoughts have probably been with you in days prior as well. This is often why a lot of what is, stays the same. We attract what we focus on and most people of today are repeating cycles. Clear your mind, your mental cycle cache. Purge it and let it go. Make ample room for the new thoughts that are arriving every minute. 

Allow your mind to be stimulated in the new and the ways you don’t know. Truly be in the moment of now. Observe the things that are around you. Don’t just glance and recognize. Look, see, feel and touch with who you are. Literally go out and actually smell the roses, or some frozen bark on a tree. Rejuvenate your inner space and be new. 


There is no reason to look for blame and point fingers as we try to advance through these turbulent times. We are allowing the facts, the reality of what exists, to happen. We have become undisciplined with who we truly are and allowed compliance to be the direction of the world we perceive. We have chosen this. 

We are separating ourselves as we unite, yield and conform as a weak subservient. You may believe what is created by others, but whatever you yourself can imagine can become your strength and your destiny. You just must retain the freedom of free thought. 


Seeking casual knowledge while I poke my finger into existence, I’m searching and questioning the quest to have actual purpose and to continue in a specified place under certain conditions. I take counsel as I assemble a selected body of persons specially designated for advisory. They are commonly known as philosophers, clergymen, shamans, artists and poets. I find this selection to be an eccentric, strange and engaging wild group. 

I see them in their time, walking the streets in wonder, eating in open-air cafes, drinking wine with shy-acting women, or telling stories of what has been done to those that have not done it. I see them looking and pondering like me, as they too sought a casual knowledge while poking their finger into existence.


As I stand, walk, look and listen to the lives inhabiting the designation of urban dwelling I become a bit lost. I find myself melancholy with a gloomy state of mind. It gives me the desire to glance back and wanting to see the world I grew up in, the world of simplicity that I once knew.  

I see so many with seemingly little life experience boldly bellowing the information that they have been brainwashed to believe is the truth. They are doing their best to create a story of delusion that will cast a veil over perception that is based on conditioned thought patterns. 

These people, who are victims of cultural conditioning, consider those that do not comply, non-conformists and foolish. As for myself, I may be a bit touched, but I am myself and awake in this insane society. Perhaps I’m out of touch for being a country boy, but I believe in a world where truth shapes people’s politics, thoughts and beliefs rather than a world where politics and beliefs shape what people think is true. 


Throughout the course of each day people seemingly seek labels. It’s a type of comparatively restricting dimensions, this struggle for simple description. As for myself, putting a label upon who I am or what I do places perimeters and borders that will also place limitations on who I am and what I do. Therefore, I cannot seem to find a reason to make such a big deal out of no reason. 


We don’t have to hide from the unthinkable as it walks up the driveway. It is delusional to walk away from the broken windows. We will find a better balance once we have allowed the madness to ooze through the cracks and greet the imaginary. - dbA


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