Riding 4 Reid in the rain


SUBLETTE COUNTY – In memory of Reid Schouboe, who died in a tragic accident at the young age of 15, families and friends who knew and supported him gather now every year to rodeo and rope, strictly for fun.

Although Friday evening, Aug. 25, started out grey and wet at the Pinedale Rodeo Grounds, everyone had a smile watching kids ride bronc-y wild ponies, steers and draft horses, throw some breakaway loops and chase a little goat in the damp arena.

Co-organizer Phil Selby said a lot of the stock like the bucking workhorses came from Rendezvous Ranch; the rest was organized and provided free by ranchers, businesses and individuals as were prizes.

“It’s a chance to remember Reid and for the kids to compete and have a fun night,” he said.

Cedar Stewart won the T.F.O. fly-fishing rod and Colt Ramsey, Clayton Selby’s custom knife with many other donated prizes awarded Saturday. Donations go to the Charles Reid Schouboe Memorial Scholarship.

It was a busy weekend for team ropers in Pinedale, especially adding the Lance Koppenhafer Memorial event Saturday and the Cowboy Shop Classic on Sunday.

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