Contributing to the chaos - Oct. 1

Dan Abernathy
Posted 9/29/21

There is a simple counsel from the teachings of Buddha, “Never lie to someone who trusts you. Never trust someone who lies to you.”

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Contributing to the chaos - Oct. 1


There is a simple counsel from the teachings of Buddha, “Never lie to someone who trusts you. Never trust someone who lies to you.”

These words chime profoundly, now more then ever. People of the world have lost the way as they look at dishonesty and deception, waiting for it to be arranged into a category that has no fundamental principles of understanding. Yet they accept it and in a confusion that has become free of denial, they walk away with fabricated understanding, feeling better, but lost, as confusion has become an acceptable way of living.

If you can pull your head out just long enough to let your eyes become adjusted you will see we are being divided in a great plan of rule from some type of showdown government. Seemingly, this regime is fueling different groups of people to disagree and fight with one another so that they will not join together. This is a strategy and the definition of, “divide and conquer.”

In order to rule, tightly use a combination of political, military and economic strategies that aim to gain and maintain power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into smaller chunks that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy.

This expression, “Divide and conquer,” appeared in the 1600s and is a translation of the Latin maxim, divide et impera, “divide and rule.” Make no mistake; we are in the middle of this right now. It is happening on many different levels.

The populaces, whether man, woman, child or the after-choice of what they think they might be, are grouped together to form a group of human beings having misplaced the overall concept. No matter what your education may be, your talent and your financial significance or any way you may fit into this misguided conglomeration, it is how you treat people that will ultimately tell all.

With information being received and dispatched from so many different sources it is often the loudest that is heard, often without any verification of truth. This prototype and innovation has been brought into conception so now it seems people no longer listen with inquisitive intent for understanding. They listen with the intent to reply.

What has also been misplaced is knowing that there is an enormous amount of power in silence. It can often be the loudest voice heard and we, as the people, are not hearing it.

It is not always necessary to reveal to everyone your thoughts, ideas and plans. Pause for an allocated fragment of time. Allow them to grow with the freedom of being what they are, undisturbed by any outside disturbance. Keep them yours until they are strong enough to make an appearance on their own.

This world we live in, the one where so many have stepped so far from reality, has become a world of illusion. It has become a hemisphere of false paths, false values and false ideas. We continue to walk further away as we are misled and influenced that what is not, is. We are completely forgetting the power of personal choice. We are not required or have to be part of a false and misleading impression of reality.

The ultimate strength and control that we each have is to choose wisely and have no fear to change the choice you have chosen to make.

Beyond the assurance of all is right and you are living your own truth, I choose my own beliefs and I choose them with calmness. It’s not easy being awake in a world that found false sleep as they are maneuvered by the whims of others. I stand, look, see and hear while holding this frequency.

This must be done because so many continue to question in an interrogative fashion. They accept only what is provided to them. Accepting information, opinions, restrictions and formulating a belief of your own as a reply is not really an option unless it can be placed within the same boundaries of what you are hearing.

No matter what society may say or try to alter and indoctrinate, there is still choice. It’s also more than OK to step away from the ludicrous crowd and say, “Nah, this ain’t for me.”

So I escape. I sit in thought watching a small herd of goats. I believe this might be the life worth living. I look at an undeniable free truth of who they are, even in the fenced paddock they roam in. They may have borders but they do not seem caged or controlled. Perhaps it is the life of a goat that I seek. I want to stop being human and start being goat. I want to randomly jump and frolic when I want to, sleep when I tire, eat when I am hungry and headbutt anyone that may possibly annoy me. - dbA

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