Water flows hit historic lows in south county

WYOMING – The Wyoming Natural Resources Conservation Service confirmed record low flows in some Wyoming rivers, including the Green River near LaBarge.

Most recent figures released by the Wyoming NRCS show July 28 valuations of the river at a discharge of 587 cubic feet per second – far below the previous minimum of 651 dating back to 1994.

Flow amounts have been recorded in that location for the past 57 years.

Flows along the Lamar River near Tower Falls were also measured at all-time lows, registering 198 cubic feet per second.

The NRCS confirmed the state’s runoff is significantly lower than that of last year. Of the five flow locations in Sublette County measured, three fell below the tenth percentile, one was in the tenth to 24th percentile and one was not ranked.

A brief summary concluded two main factors of low base flows are dry antecedent soil moisture conditions and lack of spring moisture.