Utah man requests jury trial for drug charges

A Utah man

charged with two felonies of delivery of

methamphetamine after detectives tracked his

truck to Sublette County requested a jury trial

in Ninth District Court.

On Aug. 22, James M. “Monte” Ginn

pleaded not guilty to five charges total – the

two felony charges as well as misdemeanor

possession of meth, driving under the influence

of a controlled substance and driving

with a suspended license, according to court


District Judge Marv Tyler reduced Ginn’s

Circuit Court bond from $10,000 cash or

surety to $2,500 cash only with a stipulation

to wear a tracking device.

The 12-person jury trial is set for Jan. 13,

2020, and is expected to last four and a half

days. A pretrial conference is set for Dec. 13;

his file says if a plea agreement is reached, a

separate hearing will be scheduled via court


Ginn was arrested July 31 after being

stopped while driving his Nissan pickup truck

on Highway 189, according to court records.

Also present were Wyoming Highway Patrol

Trooper Brandon Deckert and K-9 Jager, detectives

Karson Turner and Danielle Cooper

and Deputy Crystal Mansur, according to affidavits.

Ginn is charged with delivering meth “on

or about January 2019.”

Cooper’s affidavit says that in March, detectives

learned from a “known but not identified

source of information” or SOI that two

men were allegedly buying meth from Ginn,

who reportedly traveled twice a month to Layton,

Utah, and back to Sublette County. It says

that he allegedly sold meth to the men, who

lived in the same trailer park.

In April, one man allegedly said he bought

meth from Ginn twice a month including in or

around January and that Ginn reportedly drove

to Utah to buy it, according to court records.

Detectives requested and received a “tracker

warrant” so Ginn’s travels with his truck

would be logged and his whereabouts known,

an affidavit says.

Deputy Mansur was asked to stop Ginn because

his Utah license was suspended in April;

Trooper Deckert and Jager conducted a sniff

search that resulted in finding two alleged

meth pipes and baggies with a white residue.

Deckert led Ginn through field sobriety tests

and concluded he was incapable of driving

safely. He was arrested and booked into the

Sublette County Jail.


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