Town receives high marks in new audit

Because of the significant

amounts of federal funding received by

the town of Pinedale, the type of audit

was stepped up. Despite more stringent

requirements, the town passed the annual

audit with flying colors.

Tim Fixter with the auditing firm of

Fagnant, Lewis & Brinda said during the

Sept. 14 Pinedale Council meeting, he was

able to give the town the highest rating


The town received federal grants of more

than $1.4 million, including upgrades for the

airport and funding from the Environmental

Protection Agency for the Fremont Lake

Study. That kicked in additional auditing rules.

An additional analysis is required on the

town’s schedule of expenditures, which is not

included in a typical audit. This the first year

the town has been mandated to comply.

Fixter said he seldom sees an entity

that has to comply with the more stringent

accounting and audit meet all guidelines on

the first year.

The only significant deficiency was

“multiple manual corrections to various

hourly employees’ compensation.” The

corrections were usually referenced to the

previous payroll period. Employees are paid

to work through the end of the month but the

last few days are estimates.

About two months ago, the council

approved cutting off the pay date several

days early to enable supervisors enough time

to review timecards and have them processed

and paid for the first council meeting of each


In response to the audit, the town’s payroll

will end earlier than the last day of the month.

Town Clerk Maureen Rudnick added that

she is considering going to a two pay periods

each month. As it is, when an employee start

work at the first of a month, it is sometimes

nearly six weeks later before they are

compensated for their first month of pay.


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