The Intrepid Explorer – May 13

I was mesmerized by the unanswered questions that derive from the thought of freethinking as the words break forth. Germinating again, with controlling filters and direction as the crowds look into the air with no concern, unaffected with tinker’s damn.

It's all been completely changed by Big Tech. Now we are all on a global party line. All of what is now is an uncontested delusion of your perception that has no opposition to resistance.

As for self, thinking what I really think and allowing for my private thoughts to become public, it is an interval to tune into the tuning out. It’s now time for a new utopian assemblage, where the weight of restricted and regulated thought and imagination cannot be sustained.

It’s not an act of procrastination, prolonging the inescapable of the collective, forming a whole and combined group according to the principles of collectivism, the political principle of social and economical control.

Collective unconscious is a term introduced by Carl Jung to represent a form of the unconscious. This is the part of the mind containing memories and impulses of which the individual is not aware.

Unconsciousness is the state of being without normal sensory awareness, incapable of feeling or perceiving the depredation of unresponsive unawareness.

Can we be included, a disciple of the unconsciousness collative and still aware of the conscience? If so, though the portal seems to be closing, this might be an indication of hope. Notice and be aware that propaganda transmitted without limitations is an illusionary hope that drives the collective unconsciousness.

The 20th century witnessed the beginning of our destruction about the conception we had about ourselves as human beings, rather than the dividing line on the great chain of being, a hierarchical structure of all matter and life thought by medieval Christianity to have been decreed by God.

With the unstoppable progression of the 20th century, we were nothing more than the products of our childhood traumas suggested by Sigmund Freud’s multilateral theory of mind.

According to Freud, a person’s subconscious is shaped through their relations with certain people in their life. He also thought that organized religion, like the state and the culture, works as a collective superego that controls and represses the human urge to be a self.

Carl Jung’s theory was the collective unconscious. He believed that human beings are connected to each other and their ancestors through a shared set of experiences. We use this collective consciousness to give meaning to the world.

However, collective unconsciousness is now taking on a newer mis-meaning to include gender norms concerning how people dress and act. Laws that socialize people into what is “right or wrong” in their society.

We are well into the process of human de-habitation as the lactose-intolerant, gluten-free, case-sensitive and self-proclaimed titles aggressively destroy the light and cast a shadow of gloom on enlightenment.

How did it happen that the right pronoun was more important than what was right, made sense and kept us united as freethinking individuals? There are no individuals in grouping.

A noun is something real, a person, place or thing. A pronoun replaces a noun with something weaker or more united as a batch, where there are no more freethinking individuals. Perhaps it would be more understandable to attach the proper adjective to the new proper pronouns, such as, absurdly, preposterous, ridicules, masses and flock.

I believe there is a dominant flaw with manipulated thought that is set free without filters or direction. Thoughts, ideas and ways of being are true to who you are and what you believe or, at minimum, to enter your thinking. Such as drinking cow’s milk is normal and accepted, but as an adult, drinking the milk of a human is not. Then too, sucking a woman’s nipple is deemed normal but sucking a cow’s nipple is not.

I don’t believe that I’m trying to shock or create a trail for others to follow during these unsettling times. I just cannot find comfort with boundaries. I willingly plunge into the unknown places if the situation fills me with a strange type of comfort. I tend to remove conventional thought aside as I misplace established rules and conceptions of the people following predictable patterns. I’m simply walking my own strange trail and you are more than welcome to follow.

If you are the person rejecting established institutions and values, one who seeks spontaneity and expressing love while expanding your consciences with external expression, take note. If you make a ritual of cleaning your crystals in the light of the full moon, prefer free hair and bare feet not wanting to not put a barrier between you and the earth, take a step. If you are mindful and allow the thrill of the moment to fill you, like to have long expanded conversations without filters, let’s visit. If you were not born to fit in you are welcome as you are part of the tribe, so you might want to follow and see where it all goes. - dbA

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