Swimmers gain success to close 2021

FREMONT COUNTY – The Sublette County combined boys' swim team returned from a busy weekend with a bag full of medals and new State-qualifying times.

Sublette County placed second with 244 points at the Lander Quad on Friday, Dec. 17. Back in the pool on Saturday, the boys came in fifth at the Riverton Quad.

Sophomore Andy DeClue qualified in four additional events over the weekend – the 100 freestyle, 100 backstroke, 100 butterfly and 200 individual medley. He placed second in the 100 freestyle in Lander, clocking in at 55.56 seconds.

Junior Owen Nielson punched his ticket to State by qualifying in four events at Lander and Riverton – the 200 individual medley, 500 freestyle, 200 freestyle and 100 freestyle. He came in second place in the 500 freestyle at Lander with a time of 5 minutes, 55.77 seconds.

Nielson took third place in the 200 individual medley in Lander, timing in at 2:29.13.

Hunter Scott qualified in the 200 freestyle, 100 breaststroke, 50 freestyle and 500 freestyle. He won the 100 breaststroke in Lander at 1:09.15.

Senior J.T. Day won diving in Lander, tallying 167.05 points after six dives and qualifying for State in the event.

Sophomore Ryen Hacklin added the 100 backstroke and the 200 individual medley to the events he has already qualified in.

Sublette County made a strong showing in relays at Lander. Hacklin, Day, Ammon Woolstenhulme and Scott took second place in the 200 freestyle relay, clocking in at 1:47.78.

DeClue, Nielson, Hacklin and Scott placed second in the 400 freestyle relay at 3:52.69.

"In Lander and Riverton, we saw some great swims by all of our young men," said coach Ambr Seemann. "There were personal best times across the board. Brycen Vrska received the Sportsmanship Award in Lander and truly exemplified what a great teammate should look like."

"Sublette swimmers and divers had another great weekend," said coach Kursty Day. "Our freshmen and sophomores are working hard. It was very exciting to watch Andy, Hunter and Owen each qualify in four individual events this weekend. We will continue to work over Christmas break and look forward to competing in Kemmerer on Dec. 30."

Additional results – Lander

• 200 medley relay: DeClue, Day, Nielson and Woolstenhulme in fourth place at 2:06.32.

• 200 freestyle: Scott in third place at 1:59.36, Hacklin in ninth at 2:17.55, Calleb Willson in 13th at 2:48.97, Vrska in 14th at 2:47.93 and Reuben Allen in 15th at 3:33.51.

• 50 freestyle: Woolstenhulme in sixth place at 32.47 seconds and Logan Visser in 10th at 50.73.

• 100 freestyle: Sage Mahaffey in seventh place at 1:04.00, Allen in 12th at 1:35.98 and Visser in 15th at 1:54.16.

• 200 freestyle relay: Mahaffey, Vrsak, Willson and Visser in fourth place at 2:27.84.

• 100 backstroke: DeClue in fifth place at 1:06.81, Hacklin in sixth at 1:07.95, Mahaffey in 10th at 1:19.75 and Vrska in 12th at 1:32.19. • 100 breaststroke: Day in fourth place at 1:20.56 and Willson in sixth at 1:23.30.

• 400 freestyle relay: Willson, Mahaffey, Vrska and Allen in seventh place at 5:23.05.

Additional results – Riverton

• 200 medley relay: Declue, Hacklin, Scott and Day in fifth place at 1:56.82 and Mahaffey, Woolstenhulme, Willson and Vrska in 11th at 2:31.35.

• 200 freestyle: Nielson in fourth place at 2:08.00.

• 200 individual medley: Hacklin in sixth place at 2:29.15, DeClue in seventh at 2:30.08 and Woolstenhulme in 12th at 3:19.52.

• 50 freestyle: Scott in second place at 24.30 seconds, Mahaffey in 16th at 28.96, Willson in 22nd at 31.44, Allen in 28th at 40.03 and Visser in 30th at 54.07.

• Diving: Day in third place with 151.20 points.

• 100 butterfly: DeClue in fifth place at 1:08.86.

• 100 freestyle: Nielson in fourth place at 57.45 seconds, Hacklin in seventh at 1:00.29, Willson in 13th at 1:11.15, Vrska in 16th at 1:19.37 and Visser in 22nd at 1:51.47.

• 500 freestyle: Scott in second place at 5:27.59 and Allen in 11th at 9:49.01.

• 200 freestyle relay: DeClue, Woolstenhulme, Willson and Scott in fifth place at 1:54.25 and Nielson, Vrska, Allen and Visser in 11th at 2:31.15.

• 100 backstroke: Day in sixth place at 1:08.48 and Woolstenhulme in 16th at 1:33.39.

• 100 breaststroke: Mahaffey in 16th place at 1:39.15 and Vrska in 19th at 2:15.67.

• 400 freestyle relay: Hacklin, Nielson, Day and Mahaffey in third place at 4:07.51.


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