Students recognized for excellence

Robert Galbreath photo The SCSD1 Students of the Month for November and December include, from left, Juliauna Burnett, Pinedale Elementary School, Breana Danze, Pinedale Middle School, and Lexy Hoffman, Skyline Academy.

PINEDALE – In keeping with tradition, the Sublette County School District No. 1 Board of Trustees congratulated the November and December Students of the Month at its Dec. 8 meeting.

The Pinedale High School Student of the Month, Harlee Roberts, will be recognized in January.

The fourth-grade team at Pinedale Elementary School nominated Juliauna Burnett as December Student of the Month for “demonstrating many exceptional character traits.”

Burnett is responsible, possesses a strong work ethic and can always be counted on to come to class prepared, the fourth-grade team wrote to the board.

“Juliauna does a great job of staying on task and completing her classwork in a timely manner,” said a teacher. “Juliauna values her education and is willing to incorporate constructive feedback to improve her learning.”

The fourth-grade teachers praised Burnett’s “strong interpersonal skills” and ability to work well independently and as a member of a team.

“Juliauna is always willing to assist those around her if they need it,” a teacher remarked. “Her quiet and polite demeanor makes her a calm and sensible leader. Other students seek her out as a partner.”

Burnett treats those around her with respect and courtesy.

“Juliauna often thanks me after a new lesson or on her way out at the end of the day,” Burnett’s teacher wrote. “She always volunteers to help if anything in the classroom needs to be done.”

Pinedale Middle School math teacher Brady Schaefer honored eighth-grader Breana Danze as the November Student of the Month for exemplifying the theme of helping others.

“In my mind, there is no better model student when it comes to helping others than Breana,” Schaefer noted.

The first question Danze asks upon completing her schoolwork is, “Can I help other people?” Schaefer said.

“For most eighth-grade students, this would mean moving to sit with their friend,” Schaefer added. “But Breana truly helps others. She shares her knowledge and allows others to learn from her. This includes students she does not normally associate with.”

Danze’s desire to help extends beyond the classroom to the volleyball court.

“If there was a teammate who was struggling, Breana was always there to encourage them to try again, and help them if needed,” Schaefer said.

Schaefer thanked Danze for serving as a role model at the middle school.

“Although she may not realize it right now, Breana is making a tremendous impact on our student body,” Schaefer remarked.

Skyline Academy Principal Kellie Jo Williams presented Lexy Hoffman as November Student of the Month. Hoffman graduated early and will begin studies at Northwest College in Powell this January, said Williams.

“Lexy shows an incredible amount of determination,” Williams told the board. “Everything that she does, she does with top-notch quality.”

Skyline Academy teacher Holli Redmond commended the high level of responsibility Hoffman showed on a daily basis. Hoffman met her goal to complete high school by Christmas break, making “substantial academic progress” at Skyline and enrolling in extra classes, Redmond said.

“Lexy always handles herself in a mature and responsible manner,” Redmond added. “Her positive attitude and upstanding behavior have helped her to earn core credits and increase her overall grade point average.”

Redmond expressed confidence that Hoffman will set the bar high at college.

“If Lexy continues to have such a positive attitude and exemplary work ethic, she will succeed regardless of the school she is in attendance at,” Redmond noted. “I will miss Lexy’s smile and fun conversations. Lexy has been a student that has contributed to making my teaching career rewarding for me.”