Students of the Month for May recognized


Robert Galbreath photos

PINEDALE – The Sublette County School District No. 1 Board of Trustees recognized four Students of the Month at its May 13 meeting.

Specialist teachers in art, music, science and P.E. unanimously nominated Pinedale Elementary fifth-grader Paxton Loveday as Student of the Month. The teachers described Loveday as an “engaged learner, innovative thinker and kind friend.”

Loveday tackles school with a strong work ethic and comes to class prepared to learn, the teachers wrote.

“He is a high achiever who is up for any challenge,” one teacher said. “Paxton expects a lot of himself and consistently stays focused, even on hard tasks, until he has made some progress. He is a model to others for perseverance and a positive growth mindset attitude.”

Another teacher highlighted Loveday’s innovation and care he puts into his work. In enrichment classes, Loveday completes projects down to the smallest detail to ensure they work properly.

“The level of detail he achieved is outstanding for a fifth grader,” the teacher wrote. “Paxton has an incredible mind.”

A third teacher emphasized Loveday’s kind and compassionate personality. During group projects, Loveday is willing to work with all students, the teacher said. He is thoughtful and alert to the needs of others.

“Paxton is very good at voicing his ideas, sharing politely when he disagrees and participating in collaborative work,” the teacher wrote. “He always does so in a way that keeps the mood positive.”

“The world needs more Paxtons,” said PES Assistant Principal Janel Scurlock.

Pinedale Middle School language arts teacher George Vlastos recognized eighth-grader Lilliah Tambourine as Student of the Month. Tambourine is an example of determination in the classroom, Vlastos told the board.

“Lilliah possesses an overabundance of determination or, as is more appropriate for Sublette County, grit,” he added.

Tambourine entered eighth grade as a new student, and Vlastos said she immediately immersed herself at school, joining sports, Student Council and MATHCOUNTS.

“Lilliah became a dynamic member of our community,” Vlastos stated.

Tambourine is not afraid to take learning into her own hands to improve academically. Vlastos explained that Tambourine worked with the school librarian twice a week to improve scores on standardized tests. The work paid off and Tambourine raised her score by an entire level, Vlastos said.

Tambourine works to make the school a more inclusive place, Vlastos added.

“When a student is clearly uneasy with the situation at hand – whether it be in the halls or in class – Lilliah has their back and gets them involved. When a student is alone in the lunch line or sitting by themselves, Lilliah will join them and do so in a manner that does not bring attention to the situation.”

Skyline Academy English teacher Jono Majhanovich honored sophomore Jobanny Mendoza as Student of the Month for demonstrating the character trait of relationships.

Mendoza went above and beyond to integrate himself into the Skyline community over the past semester, Majhanovich said.

“He completes his assignments, he participates in discussion,” Majhanovich wrote to the board. “And he makes sure to check in if he’s missing anything or make sure (a teacher) received that assignment he submitted over the weekend.”

Mendoza’s outstanding trait is an ability to create a positive space at school.

“When other students walk into class in the morning with a head down, Joe shows up, on time, every day with a ‘good morning,’” Majhanovich said. “When other students scoff at another’s contribution to the class discussion, Joe listens with other-worldly patience. And, when other students complain about every request or redirection as the school year winds down, Joe takes it all in stride.”

Majhanovich echoed Scurlock’s statement made earlier at the meeting.

“Simply put, we need more Joes in the world,” he said.

Pinedale High School teacher John Flint and a student nominated freshman Mason Currah as Student of the Month for demonstrating generosity.

“In watching Mason and his interaction with peers and staff, it is apparent he exemplified generosity,” Flint said. “It is very common to see Mason go out of his way to help other students, even if it means sacrificing his own time. These actions are almost always done voluntarily, as Mason is always mindful of others and eager to take advantage of any opportunity to lighten somebody else’s burdens.”

PHS Principal Brian Brisko highlighted Currah’s desire to improve academically and his positive personality.

“If you are ever around Mason, he’s one of the most kindhearted people you will ever see,” Brisko said. “He is willing to go out of his way to help his peers and make sure they’re included.”