Skyline Theatre Project screening short surveys

A quick survey is asking

for county residents’ opinions on going to

the movies – when, where and how much?

First runs, oldies, indies – or all of the


The Skyline Theatre Project continues

with a loyal crew to buy and restore the

historic old movie theater building at 14 N.

Franklin, hoping to put the building to good


The nonprofit Sublette Group for Community

Initiative is spearheading the project

to renovate and open the building for movies,

concerts and other community events.

SGCI took the helm a year ago when Main

Street Pinedale backed away from the longterm


The property, which opened as a theater

in 1940, is not yet purchased but fundraising

efforts continue for the $160,000 price tag

and so far about $13,000 has been donated.

Recently, volunteer Dawn Ballou sat in

front of Ridley’s, asking passersby if they

could participate with a short Pinedale

Movie Theater Survey. About 120 people

have done so, so far, but volunteers plan to

gather as many as possible “whenever they

have some time,” she added.

The Skyline Theatre Project survey has a

link posted on its Facebook page.

The volunteer group is preparing to bring

the results before the Pinedale Town Council

in the hopes of support and sponsorship,

according to Ballou.

“The survey is being done because Mayor

Matt Murdock really wants to get first-run

movies here and wants to hear from the

community on that,” she said. “He designed

the survey that people can take online or in


Eventually, Pinedale Town Council will

likely be asked to purchase the remaining

cost of the old Skyline Theatre building,

about $150,000, the nonprofit group hopes.

“The building needs to be owned by a

government entity in order for us to apply

for the renovation grants,” Ballou said.

This process worked for the Daniel

Schoolhouse and Boulder Community Center,

which were turned over to the county

when they needed to get their restoration

grants. Then the county turned it back to

the nonprofit organizations once the restorations

were done. Both community facilities

are used often for get-togethers, parties

and fundraisers.

The goal for the historic Skyline Theatre

is to see it used for movies, small concerts,

dance performances, speakers, conferences,

dinner theater, recitals, on-screen presentations

and other community events.

For more about the Skyline Theatre Project

and to show support, make a donation

and take the quick Pinedale Movie Theater

Survey, visit the Facebook page.


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