Sheriff's report March 13 to March 19, 2023

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The Sublette County Sheriff’s Office reported 157 calls from March 13 to March 19, including a sex offense, five animal problems, 12 wildlife issues, 14 citizen assists, 11 suspicious incidents, five welfare checks, 28 urinalyses and 22 vehicle identification number inspections.

March 13

At 3:02 a.m., a man on his way to the airport hit and injured a deer.

At 5:13 a.m., an injured pronghorn was curled up in the middle of the highway.

At 6:43 a.m., a driver who kept going into the ditch and driving crazy had two flat tires.

At 7:04 a.m., a 911 open line was investigated.

At 8:48 a.m., a deputy requested a blood draw.

At 9:04 a.m., a man trying to use his phone’s calculator called 911 RapidSOS.

At 10:07 a.m., a man who needed to get his safe’s combination asked a deputy to verify the safe was his.

At 10:46 a.m., middle school staff reported a juvenile problem.

At 11:42 a.m., a small black lab was being aggressive.

At 4:10 p.m., a woman asked how to get a vehicle registered in Utah.

At 4:16 p.m., someone hit a Toyota 4Runner and took off.

At 4:53 p.m., Wyoming Highway Patrol asked a deputy to help with traffic while a grader cleared ice on the road.

At 7:28 p.m., a man asked a deputy to check on someone’s welfare.

At 7:31 p.m., a caller accidentally dialed Rapid SOS.

At 8:08 p.m., a deputy helped a person who fell.

At 8:29 p.m., a person fell 8 feet onto concrete.

At 8:46 p.m., a man asked for help getting his son’s earbuds back; they were returned.

At 9:24 p.m., a UPS truck hit and killed a deer.

March 14

At 8:52 a.m., an open 911 call came in; no distress was noticed.

At 9:28 a.m., a controlled substance problem is under investigation.

At 11:10 a.m., a new white Ford F150 speeded past a driver going 70 mph.

At 11:30 a.m., a person had a bad nosebleed.

At 11:39 a.m., a woman asked a deputy to check on someone’s welfare.

At 12:08 p.m., a firearms training was scheduled.

At 3:52 p.m., a man wanted to report a stalking order violation.

At 5:398 p.m., a dark Great Dane walking down the road had an injured paw.

At 6:04 p.m., a semi was driving recklessly in a no-passing zone.

At 10:06 p.m., a counselor was concerned about a person’s welfare.

At 10:10 p.m., a front window was broken in.

March 15

At 8 a.m., a deer caught in a fence was still alive; a deputy freed it and it ran away.

At 9:33 a.m., a lovely husky hung out at the grocery store all day.

At 11:40 a.m., a deputy transported an inmate.

At 12:52 p.m., a man asked a deputy to check on someone’s welfare.

At 1:01 p.m., an incident is being investigated.

At 1:06 p.m., a deputy looked into a juvenile problem.

At 2:35 p.m., a school resource office investigated a juvenile problem.

At 3:03 p.m., a juvenile had a tobacco problem.

At 4:05 p.m., ice fell on a gas meter and cracked a pipe; Pinedale Natural Gas was called.

At 4:49 p.m., a man’s phone called 911 while he was driving a skid-steer.

At 5:29 p.m., a blue Subaru almost hit two girls; the driver was talked to.

At 8:39 p.m., a man reported a fraud call from Verizon.

March 16

At 8:09 a.m., a moose wouldn’t let a woman get to the house.

At 8:47 a.m., a silver SUV chasing a moose in Marbleton was a deputy trying to herd it out of town.

At 9:01 a.m., a game warden told someone to not feed the deer.

At 10:40 a.m., two sorrel horses were loose and on the highway near Eden.

At 11:16 a.m., a herd of deer was standing on the highway outside a game fence.

At 12:51 p.m., a caller reported an Internet scam.

At 3:35 p.m., a person’s ribs were painful.

At 4:19 p.m., two doe deer were on one side of the road and fawns on the other.

At 6:08 p.m., a man said his town water meter was shut off.

At 6:42 p.m., people broke into a man’s trailer again; it was unfounded.

At 7:40 p.m., a mule and a black horse were headed north to Highway 191.

At 11:14 p.m., a domestic dispute was called in.

March 17

At 2:49 a.m., a call about vandals was unfounded as a medical issue.

At 6:23 a.m., an injured pronghorn was lying in the highway.

At 8:55 a.m., a man asked a deputy to stand by for a civil issue.

At 12:40 p.m., a deputy reported an animal problem.

At 1:37 p.m., Department of Family Services reported a sex offense.

At 1:58 p.m., a suspicious incident is under investigation.

At 3:15 p.m., someone kept dumping garbage at the funeral home.

At 4:03 p.m., a rancher would be moving 300 cattle along Highway 189 the next morning.

At 4:27 p.m., a medical emergency was reported.

At 7:08 p.m., a male guest was drunk and threatening his host; he stayed with a neighbor.

At 8:54 p.m.,, an injured young buck deer was suffering in the middle of the highway.

March 18

At 2:07 a.m., two men were in a Jeep that spun off the road into a snowbank.

At 8:16 a.m., a sick antelope was in the same spot for the past week.

At 12:45 p.m., a deputy couldn’t find two dogs running loose on Willow Lake Road.

At 1 p.m., a man thought his spouse took his firearms.

At 1:46 p.m., a person broke an ankle at White Pine.

At 3:12 p.m., a moose calf was caught behind the cemetery fence.

At 11:10 p.m., a woman asked a deputy to check on someone’s welfare.

March 19

At 2:42 a.m., a half-dozen dead and injured pronghorn were in the middle of Highway 191.

At 11:16 a.m., an alarm went off for a broken water line.

At 12 p.m., an injured pronghorn was lying by the highway.

At 2:16 p.m., a caller was worried about a little boy walking against traffic but a deputy couldn’t find him.

At 3:21 p.m., a citizen said a protection order was violated.

At 7:13 p.m., a person had a stroke.

At 7:38 p.m., a medical emergency was reported.