PHS student attends UW Summer High School Institute

An opportunity to achieve intellectual and personal growth for 69 talented rising

juniors will be presented in the 34th annual Summer High School Institute July 14 through

Aug. 3 at the University of Wyoming.

Jacob Johnson, from Pinedale High School, was selected among the students primarily from

high schools across Wyoming. UW offers an opportunity to achieve intellectual and personal

growth, cultivate leadership capabilities and measure their capacities and interests.

UW faculty members will conduct problem-centered classes ranging from philosophy to

DNA to robotics and criminal justice.

The three-week experience also will include athletic activities, talent shows, picnics, dances,

a whitewater rafting trip, random acts of kindness, guest speakers, attendance at local dance

performances, visits to museums and enrichment excursions.

High school administrators, counselors and teachers guided students through the application

process. Selections were based on an application letter, a personal statement, a letter of recommendation,

academic performance and extracurricular activity involvement.

Begun in 1985, the HSI program is sponsored by UW, with special funding from the Wyoming

State Legislature.


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