Outstanding students recognized for January 2023

Robert Galbreath photo The SCSD1 Board of Trustees recognized three Students of the Month at its Feb. 9 meeting. Pictured, from left, are senior Jobanny Mendoza, Skyline Academy, senior Toree Andersen, Pinedale High School and Money Bailly, Pinedale Elementary School. Pinedale Middle School’s Student of the Month, Ryder Allen, will be honored in March.

PINEDALE – The Sublette County School District No. 1 Board of Trustees honored three Students of the Month for January at its Feb. 9 regular meeting.

Pinedale Middle School’s Student of the Month, Ryder Allen, will be recognized at March’s board meeting.

Pinedale Elementary School third-grade teacher Kelli Rigo nominated Monet Bailly as January Student of the Month. Bailly is the “perfect example” of the monthly trait of perseverance, Rigo wrote to trustees.

While Bailly and her family are new to Pinedale, the third-grader made the transition “seem easy,” Rigo said.

“Monet immediately became involved in ice skating, dance and community theater,” Rigo noted. “In addition to all of these extracurriculars, Monet also regularly participates in classroom activities, even when they are challenging for her.”

Bailly persevered through obstacles in math and reading to demonstrate significant growth in both subjects, Rigo highlighted.

Bailly “completely crushed” the winter benchmark assessments in reading, Rigo added, improving her scores by 66 percent. In math assessments, Bailly achieved her goal of growing by 29 points.

Pinedale Elementary Principal Heather Ryan echoed Rigo’s statements.

“Monet advocates so much for herself and works incredibly hard,” Ryan told trustees.

Pinedale High School senior Toree Andersen received the January Student of the Month award and was nominated by teachers and peers as an example of honesty.

“Toree embodies the trait of honesty,” wrote a teacher. “In the classroom, Toree maintains high standards for her academic integrity. She is also an individual that her peers and others around her can count on to have a truly genuine relationship. Most importantly, Toree is honest with herself and holds herself to high standards of excellence in all aspects of her life.”

A classmate described Andersen as “one of the most honest people I know.”

“Toree will say the truth no matter what,” the student added.

Pinedale High School Principal Brian Brisko said Andersen’s honesty extended from the classroom to athletics and the wider community. Andersen displays honesty by courageously reaching out for help, Brisko said.

“One thing I really appreciate about Toree is that if she’s struggling with something, she’s not afraid to say, ‘Hey Mr. Brisko, I really need help,’” he added. “That speaks to her character. I’m super proud of Toree.”

Skyline Academy Principal Kellie Jo Williams introduced senior Jobanny Mendoza as January Student of the Month for exemplifying service to the school and community.

Mendoza volunteers as a peer mentor with the Pinedale Middle School band, said Williams.

“He works with students (at Pinedale Middle School) individually to enhance their skills and then works on his own music,” Williams added.

Mendoza is also involved in an internship at the Pinedale Aquatic Center, and his supervisors summed up his work as “phenomenal,” Williams told trustees.

Skyline teacher Melissa Allen highlighted Mendoza’s willingness to “help wherever and whenever.” She commended Mendoza for exhibiting “excellence” in the classroom, at his internship and his peer mentor program.

“Jobanny had the opportunity to graduate early from Skyline Academy, but has chosen to stay to complete his internship, continue with band and continue his peer mentorship,” Allen wrote. “I have had the privilege of witnessing Jobanny’s maturity and confidence grow over the years. He has worked really hard to overcome challenges that have been placed before him. I am proud of the hard work and dedication that he has put into becoming a better person and student. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Jobanny.”