Lady Wranglers duel Powell to OT

PINEDALE – Bitter cold wind gusts and threatening gray clouds did not prevent the Lady Wranglers from making a stand against the Powell Panthers on Saturday, April 23.

Pinedale fought Powell to a scoreless draw at the end of regulation. The Lady Wranglers and Powell both scored in the first overtime period. Powell edged ahead with another goal in the second overtime period to take the win, 2-1.

Hitting the pitch again on Monday for a makeup game, Pinedale fell to Cody, 10-0. In the third game played over the course of four days, the Lady Wranglers came up short in an away game won by Lander, 10-0.


The teams spent an equal amount of time in their opponent’s territory. Sophomores Anna Lehr and Anastasia Mika kept the backfield clear. Freshmen Avery Hughes and Alexis Thompson made the first charge across midfield.

Junior Miros Gutierrez Romano launched a powerful clearance and defensive footwork by senior Alena Mika prevented the Lady Panthers from scoring.

Senior Emmaline Vrska wound up a clearance from midfield. Freshman Hailey Shelinbarger sent a shot on goal.

On defense, freshman goalie Cora Koci caught a save.

Junior Addison Bing, Hughes and Thompson struck again into Powell’s zone. Vrska kicked a shot on goal. Lehr patrolled the backfield with two clearances.

Alena Mika deflected two attempts by Powell to score in the second half. Koci dove for a save. Lehr and Anastasia Mika both made clearances.

Freshman Victoria Ramage led a charge over midfield, followed by strikes from Thompson and freshman Samantha Brannan. Deft maneuvering by Gutierrez Romano deflected a shot. Alena Mika launched two clearances and Koci caught three saves.

The second half ended in a 0-0 tie.

Powell scored first in overtime. The Pinedale offense forced its way into Panther territory. A Powell player attempted to send the ball back down the field with a header, yet the ball landed at Ramage’s feet. Ramage wound up a shot and scored for the Lady Wranglers.

The first overtime period ended in a 1-1 draw. Powell managed to score in the second overtime period to take the win.


Cody unleashed a powerful offense in the first half, outscoring Pinedale, 6-0. Cody scored two more goals early in the second half before Pinedale regrouped.

Freshman Ellie Jensen and senior Hailee Henry maneuvered deep into Cody territory before the Fillies scored again.

Koci made two saves and Henry dribbled the ball across midfield to deliver a shot on goal.

Cody managed to break through and score its last goal. Koci dove for two saves. Alena Mika cleared the ball from backfield. Koci caught another save and Henry drove the ball across midfield.


The Tigers successfully defended their pitch against Pinedale. Lander scored six goals in the first half and held Pinedale to nil. In the second half, the Lady Tigers shot in four more goals.

The Lady Wranglers take a well-deserved break this weekend and jump back into action the first full weekend of May.