LaBarge man denies meth charge

Mugshot courtesy of the Subeltte County Sheriff's Office

SUBLETTE COUNTY – A LaBarge man pleaded not guilty on Dec. 8 in 9th District Court to felony possession of meth. His trial is set for May 8.

Tanner C. Moceika was charged with possessing a quantity of meth in a liquid form – mixed in a Code Red Mountain Dew bottle – after detectives searched his home on Feb. 20, records show.

Initially, Sublette County detective Karson Turner notified deputies Krystal Mansur and Danielle Cooper of an unsecured residence in Marbleton and they found no one there. Mansur reported seeing possible drug paraphernalia inside and detectives got a search warrant, an affidavit says.

The red liquid tested positive for meth, it says.

Moceika said he used meth but a “known but not identified source” did the selling, it says. If found guilty, he could face seven years in prison and a $15,000 fine.