Jonah Energy slated to receive 'Gold Standard' emissions award

SUBLETTE COUNTY – Jonah Energy announced it is scheduled to receive a “Gold Standard” emissions rating from the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership, sponsored by the United Nations. The Denver-based company with a heavy footprint in Sublette County was the first American company to join that partnership when it did so late last year.

“We believe that natural gas will play an important role in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the global energy value chain, but the industry must be transparent for natural gas to achieve its full potential,” Tom Hart, president and CEO of Jonah Energy, said. “The OGMP 2.0 framework is the leading example of an independent, verifiable and measured performance standard that will help create that transparency.”

Hart went on to say that Jonah Energy’s involvement is merely one component of the company’s “Responsibly Produced Gas initiative,” which seeks to lower emissions.

Recently, PureWest (formerly known as both UP Energy and Ultra) announced its participation in “responsibly sourced gas,” through a partnership with Denver-based Project Canary.