CURED sponsors exhibit at Pinedale Library's Gallery Wall


Joy Ufford photos

SUBLETTE COUNTY – Thirteen artworks show a wide range of perspectives – and creative expression – to portray “A Vision of Responsible Energy Development” in Sublette County and Wyoming.

That is the theme of the show sponsored by Citizens United for Responsible Energy Development and now hanging on the Gallery Wall in the Pinedale Library. CURED members put out a call for two-dimensional artworks and the results vary from a hand-painted quilt to watercolors, acrylic paintings, traditional art, photographs and collages to an oversized, silver-leafed switch, poised midway between on and off.

The artists are Karla Bird, Carmel Kail, Trista Coble, Gretchen Yost, Mae Orm, David Klarén and “Anonymous.”

Their statements explore the importance of wildlife habitats and connectivity, historic hydropower plants, siting of new renewable projects and the “freedom” to go outside, walk, swim and breathe anytime, anyplace.

For example, David Klarén’s oversized wood and graphite switch, titled “Indecision,” leads a viewer to ask multiple layers of questions about energy – is this necessary, where does it come from, how is the power made – and why does that matter?

“A Vision of Responsible Energy Development” is on display though Feb. 27 at the Pinedale Library, 155 S. Tyler Ave.