Boys’ swim team heats up competition at Lyman, Kemmerer

Nadine Boespflug photo Sophomore Reuben Allen swims the breaststroke in Kemmerer on Jan. 14. Allen helped the Sublette County 200-medley relay team snag third place at the meet.

WYOMING – The Sublette County combined boys’ swim team battled through another busy weekend featuring back-to-back meets.

On Friday, Jan. 13, the team competed at the Lyman Invitational followed by the Kemmerer Quad on Saturday.

“It was an interesting weekend where we swam two meets against the same teams,” said Co-Head Coaches Kursty Day and Cheryl Grossman in an email. “Friday night in Lyman was a yards meet and Saturday in Kemmerer, we swam meters. We saw some nice time drops again on Friday by senior Dillon Boespflug in the individual medley, junior Ryen Hacklin in the 100-freestyle and freshman Scotty Ring in the 100-backstroke. Senior Owen Nielson is chipping away at his 100-breaststroke, chasing the Adam Denton Award. Owen, Dillon and junior Andy DeClue are all one event away from earning the award.”

Boespflug bagged gold in the 200-individual medley at Lyman, posting a new personal record of 2 minutes, 20.84 seconds. He beat the second-place finisher from the host school by nearly 3 seconds.

Clocking in at 1:11.56, Boespflug earned second place in the 100-breaststroke on Friday.

At Kemmerer, Boespflug placed third in the 50-freestyle at 27.72 seconds.

Nielson snagged third place in the 50-freestyle at Lyman, timing the event in at 25.23 seconds. Nielson took third place in the 200-freestyle at Kemmerer with a time of 2:17.02.

Hacklin captured silver in the 100-freestyle at Kemmerer, hitting the finish line in 1:04.89.

Relay teams made a strong showing at both meets. Boespflug, Hacklin, DeClue and Nielson picked up second place in the 200-medley relay at Lyman, clocking in at 1:57.42.

In the 200-freestyle relay at Lyman, Nielson, Hacklin, DeClue and Boespflug took third place at 1:42.88.

At Kemmerer, Hacklin, senior Sage Mahaffey, Nielson and junior John Ruby scooped up second place in the 200-freestyle relay, timing in at 1:57.94.

Boespflug, sophomore Reuben Allen, DeClue and Hacklin earned third place in the 200-medley relay at the Kemmerer Quad, posting a time of 2:22.91.

Lyman – additional results

  • 200-medley relay: Wyatt Hyde, Allen, Kaden Day and Logan Visser in seventh place at 2:37.72.
  • 200-individual medley: Day in sixth place at 2:45.70 and Calleb Willson in seventh at 2:51.99.
  • 50-freestyle: DeClue in fourth place at 25.77 seconds, Mahaffey in seventh at 26.47, Ruby in 10th at 28.29, Hyde in 11th at 28.70, Ring in 12th at 30.28, Allen in 19th at 36.24 and Visser in 20th at 39.00.
  • 100-butterfly: Ruby in seventh place at 1:15.81.
  • 100-freestyle: Hacklin in sixth place at 57.91 seconds, Mahaffey in 11th at 1:01.77, Willson in 15th at 1:07.09 and Visser in 20th at 1:31.70.
  • 200-freestyle relay: Ruby, Willson, Visser and Allen in eighth place at 2:09.71.
  • 100-backstroke: Ring in seventh place at 1:14.99 and Day in eighth at 1:15.69.
  • 100-breaststroke: Nielson in seventh place at 1:17.05, DeClue in 10th at 1:22.94 and Allen in 12th at 1:40.85.
  • 400-freestyle relay: Willson, Day, Hyde and Ruby in seventh place at 4:36.35.

Kemmerer – additional results

  • 50-freestyle: DeClue in fourth place at 28.74 seconds, Mahaffey in 12th at 30.35, Ruby in 14th at 30.98, Day in 17th at 33.67, Ring in 18th at 33.84, Allen in 20th at 42.30 and Visser in 21st at 45.76.
  • 100-butterfly: Ruby in ninth place at 1:20.88.
  • 100-freestyle: Mahaffey in fifth place at 1:10.36 and Allen in 10th at 1:42.04.
  • 400-freestyle: DeClue in fifth place at 5:25.91 and Boespflug in eighth at 5:27.58.
  • 100-backstroke: Day in fifth place at 1:24.08, Ring in sixth at 1:25.94 and Visser in 11th at 2:30.36.
  • 100-breaststroke: Nielson in fourth place at 1:27.09.
  • 400-freestyle relay: DeClue, Ruby, Nielson and Boespflug in fourth place at 4:16.89 and Day, Ring, Allen and Hyde in ninth at 5:36.22.

The boys swim team hosts Senior Night at the Big Piney High School pool on Friday, Jan. 20, at