SCSD9 prepares to accept lawsuit


BIG PINEY – The federal civil rights lawsuit filed by Jane Doe and parents against Big Piney School District officials is undergoing amendments that will see it served, one way or another, on of before Sept. 14.

On Aug. 24, the Doe family’s attorney requested a time extension to serve the complaint, which alleges school officials ignored their complaints against a teacher who they say sexually harassed Jane Doe several years ago. The lawsuit was filed May 26 in Wyoming’s U.S. District Court, alleging a Title IX investigation was not properly carried out, the teacher was not disciplined and the student suffered great humiliation from other students, faculty and community members, court records show.

On July 13, Magistrate Judge Kelly Rankin approved a motion for the Does to continue using pseudonyms because of the personal nature of the claims against the former history teacher, records show.

Big Piney School District officials have not accepted service of the complaint or responded publicly at any time.

The Does’ motion requested 21 more days to serve an amended complaint, saying both sides have “communicated regarding the possibility of defendants accepting service of the complaint.”

“Those discussions have included the possibility of a stipulation to remove a party which will save resources and time,” the motion says. “(The Does) have prepared an amended complaint reflecting this and other changes and expect to file the same shortly.”

One way or another, district officials are expected to either accept the lawsuit’s service – or for its delivery to be served with a summons, the complaint and a new amended complaint, it says.

The Aug. 24 motion for a time extension still lists the Big Piney School District Board of Trustees, former Superintendent and Title IX Coordinator Steve Loyd, Big Piney High School Principal Jeff Makelky and “John Smiths 1-5.”

Previously, the federal complaint incorrectly listed principal Amy Bell as the school’s Title IX coordinator, which she was not; her name is not listed in the Aug. 24 motion.

After Loyd’s 2019 departure from Big Piney, interim superintendent Keith Garvey served until new superintendent Charles Jenks’ arrival.

Judge Rankin’s Aug. 25 order grants the Does through Sept. 14 to file the amended complaint and serve it to district officials.