Robinson: GOP purity test

Jim Robinson, Sublette County Republican Party Chairman
Posted 2/2/21

A letter from Sublette County Republican Party Chairman Jim Robinson.

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Robinson: GOP purity test


GOP Purity Test 

My Republican Party is a large welcoming party with many differing views, but we like to focus on where we agree. If you have a problem with the first three planks of our platform maybe you should rethink your party affiliation.

Plank No. 1: All individuals are endowed by their creator from moment of conception to moment of natural death with the rights of Life, Liberty, Property, and Pursuit of Happiness.

Plank No. 2: Every citizen is equal, equally protected and equally subject to the Law.

Plank No. 3: The right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

These are Planks of America not just Wyoming.

My plan was for this to be an organizational meeting with meet and greet as the agenda. I did not meet the advertising requirements so as most Wyoming Republicans would do we made the most of it and moved forward with a meet and greet gathering. Same agenda, same purpose just not a legal meeting and no voting.

Gun-toting, freedom-loving Redneck is not a Republican Party plank but are traits that most of my Wyoming brothers and sisters of both Parties proudly identify with.

You sat quietly through almost two hours of lively interactive discussions to write a hit piece and bash myself and the like-minded majority that attended who in my opinion are truly Wyoming Republicans. That is not a trait of my Republican brothers and sisters. We as a Party do respect your opinion and I wish you could respect ours.

Thirty-plus years ago I considered myself a conservative Democrat, but after getting involved, growing up, reading and learning about the Republican Party I switched affiliation. I encourage everyone to read our Party platform and I believe most will agree far more than disagree.

Please don't lecture me on community activism, I have been the Mayor of Marbleton for almost 22 years, served on town council, volunteer fire department, senior housing, church, coach junior jazz and others. Everyone I know in our community serves one way or the other to the best of their abilities. From mowing a sick neighbors grass to paying someone’s water bill that is down on their luck. Not being able to make a meeting does not disqualify one’s opinion. I will continue to give voice to those who cannot or chose not to make meetings.

I have worked in ranching or in the oilfield for over 35 years and have never written a book but I will stand my ground and not be quiet while being lectured to.

GFC God, Family, Country is the brand I ride for and that defines the Republican Party I am part of.

I will continue to point out our differences but focus on where we agree. I will continue to be honest and open. I will continue to make mistakes and ask for your understanding. I will continue to stand for my community, my Party and my country and I ask you to join me.

Thank You and God Bless,

Jim Robinson,

Sublette County Republican Party Chairman