Garden of Beauty - Stephanie and Tony Kervitsky


Stephanie and Tony Kervitsky have years of experience in the greenhouse and landscaping business, and their skills are showcased in their beautifully landscaped home near the golf course in Pinedale. The Sage and Snow Garden Club recently honored their hard work and beautiful yard with a Garden of Beauty Award. Stephanie’s hanging baskets (made from coco coir and lined with burlap to hold moisture) on the fence are artfully designed with color, shape and texture in mind, using various colors of alyssum, verbena, calibrachoa, bacopa and creeping Jenny to fill the baskets. They are on a timed drip system and are fed plant nutrients every week.  Their beautiful home is accented with hanging baskets of red ivy geraniums and sweet potato vines. The rest of the yard is filled with a huge variety of shrubs and trees. Three large narrow-leaf cottonwood trees shade the front yard and they are complemented by Canadian chokecherries, Dolgo crabapples, flame maples (zone 2), Walker caragana (zone 2), purple leaf sandcherry (zone 2), Kim lilacs (Korean species), raspberries,  blue Arctic willows, columnar junipers and blue spruces. Since Tony and Stephanie sell many different kinds of trees and shrubs at their commercial greenhouse, Wind River Gardens, near Pinedale, they use their huge yard to experiment with growing some new varieties of plants and trees that are not traditionally grown in our community but are appropriate for our climate zone, creating a beautiful array of colors and shapes with trees and shrubs. Touring the Kervitsky yard made us want to try growing some new species in our own gardens.