Garden of Beauty, Phil Carr


Phil Carr’s colorful wildflower gardens on Jackson Street in Pinedale caught the eyes of Sage and Snow Garden Club members, and they recognized him with their latest Garden of Beauty Award. Phil is living proof that one is never too old to plant and enjoy beautiful flowers. At 81 years young, early this spring Phil tilled up three sections of his yard and planted wildflower seeds from Wind River Gardens. By mid August, the flowerbeds are in full bloom showing off every color of the rainbow. There are purple bachelor buttons; pink cosmos, clarkia and campion; citrus-colored Icelandic poppies and cape marigolds; white baby’s breath and alyssum; and lavender fiddle-neck heliotrope (a very unusual species) all swarming with pollinators. Phil likes planting trees and currently is providing tender loving care to several white pine trees from the Arbor Day Foundation. After viewing Phil’s beautiful flower gardens, he invited his guests to enjoy homemade ice cream with him. It was an inspiration to see Phil’s love of flowers and his pride in creating such a beautiful space with just one packet of seeds.