Philanthropic pottery


Robert Galbreath photos Senior Bodie Jensen decorates a clay bowl he threw with a texturing process called ‘slip trailing.’ Jensen is known to occasionally throw clay with a blindfold to ensure he will ‘not be in my own head’ as a ceramic piece emerges. Senior Dustin Larsen carefully engineers clay into a bowl, applying a process called ‘wedging’ to prevent air bubbles from forming in the material. Senior Kemmer Clause pulls up and out on her clay bowl to establish a ‘good foundation’ and make sure it is the right size. The ceramic piece will shrink by 14 percent once it is fired, Clause explained. Junior Jennifer Yarnell re-centers with a plunging technique to open the clay up. Yarnell uses a type of clay called M390, which is particurly tough to mould into shape.

PHS Soup-er Bowl continues to grow

Each meticulously crafted bowl is destined for auction at PHS’s third annual Soup-er Bowl fundraising event hosted by the National Art Honor Society at the Pinedale Library Lovatt Room on Nov. 18 from 5-8 p.m.

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