State releases Sublette's economic profile

Brady Oltmans,
Posted 6/10/21

The State of Wyoming’s Department of Administration & Information in its Economic Analysis Division recently released profiles for each Wyoming county.

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State releases Sublette's economic profile


SUBLETTE COUNTY – The State of Wyoming’s Department of Administration & Information in its Economic Analysis Division recently released profiles for each Wyoming county.

State and federal information was collected in a swath of areas to create these profiles. Sublette County’s information helped shed light on the county’s population.

By gender, males made up 53.6 percent of the county’s 9,831 people. The median age among county residents was measured at 43.1 years. Both of those figures are higher than the state average.

Broken into age demographics, the most of the county is between 45 and 64 years old with a measured 27 percent. Stunningly, about 6 percent of the population – 590 residents – are between 18 and 24. Those 25 to 44 made up 24.4 percent of the population, those under 18 made up 22.1 percent and those 65 and older consisted of 20.5 percent of Sublette County.

Ethnicity population listed Sublette County at 95.5-percent white alone. A measured 1.2 percent (115 people) registered as American Indian, 0.9 percent (87 people) was listed as Black alone and 1.6 percent (158) was listed as two or more races. A recorded 702 people, or 7.1 percent, were registered as Hispanic of any race.

As reflected in previously released information from the U.S. Census Bureau, Sublette County gained 33 people since previously recorded. That accounts for both net migration and eight more births than deaths.

A reported 57.1 percent (1,908) of households consisted of married couples and/or families. That was followed by 22.5 percent (752) consisting of male householders with no spouse or partner present and 17.8 percent (596) consisting of a female householder with no spouse or partner present. Statistics show 25.8 percent of households included one or more person under 18 years old while 32.6 percent of households included one or more person 65 years or older.

Among the county’s 25-years-and-older population, 34.6 percent were high school graduates or the equivalent, 29.8 percent had some college experience with no degree and 16.7 percent earned a bachelor’s degree. Statistically, 96 percent of Sublette County’s residents 25 years and older had a high school education or higher.

About 11.0 percent (827 people) of Sublette County’s population is listed as a civilian veteran. A registered 1,599 people (16.2 percent) were listed as a veteran with a disability.

Places of origin provided an illuminating statistic. Despite the older population age, only 36.5 percent (3,610) of people in Sublette County were born in Wyoming. A total of 57.8 percent (5,710) of the county was born in a different state. A reported 95.6 percent of the county’s population was born in the United States.

Income and benefits showed the largest bracket of the county made between $75,000 and $99,999. That accounted for 20.8 percent of the population. The bracket just below – $50,000 to $74,999 – accounted for the next-highest portion with 17.5 percent of the population while the bracket above – $100,000 to $149,999 – made up 16.6 percent of the population.

Sublette County’s median household income was reported at $77,403. Per capita personal income was $54,580 and the per capita dividends of interest and rent were reported at $20,230.

A reported 31.2 percent of the population received Social Security earnings while 18.5 percent received retirement income.

A reported 10.2 percent of Sublette County fell below the poverty level. There were 2,688 vacant housing units reported in the county, or about 44.6 percent of the county’s total housing units.