Obituary: Gene ‘Harmon’ Pfisterer


Gene Harmon” Pfisterer, accompanied by family, passed away peacefully on Dec. 26, 2023, at the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He was 74 years old.
Harmon was born July 25, 1949, in Jackson, Wyo. He was the only child of Mary Almira Fairchild and John Jake” Pfisterer.
Harmon was a third-generation rancher. His grandfather immigrated to the United States in 1882, before settling in Bondurant, formerly known as Fall River Basin in 1898.

Harmon attended primary school in Bondurant before starting high school in Jackson. Later, he transferred to Pinedale High School, where he was crowned Prom King before graduating in 1968. A few years later in 1972, Harmon married Sandra Marie Griffel, of Swan Valley, Idaho.

In recent years, Harmon routinely said, Ive lived a good life,” and with that comment came stories about his past, local history and people who influenced his life from years gone by. Having been born in the 1940s, Harmon had to take on many ranch responsibilities even as a child. With his dog Bob by his side, he was tasked with helping feed and care for livestock and using farm implements. Before he was even a teenager, Harmon was single-handedly hauling cattle to the market in a stock truck from Bondurant to Idaho Falls, over a 200-mile roundtrip. As a result of driving trucks at an early age, Harmon became fond of the open road and while still a teenager he began driving over-the-road to destinations as far away as California and everywhere in between.

Harmons livestock dealings expanded from cattle ranching and livestock transportation to owning and operating a regionally certified livestock dipping vat in Firth, Idaho, for over 35 years. In later life, with the passing of his father Jake, Harmon transitioned from over-the-road trucking to full-time cattle ranching, to which he dedicated the remainder of his life.

Harmon enjoyed meeting new people. Whether he was traveling to a distant state in a heavy truck or by car, he always had time to stop and exchange stories. While spending the majority of his time working, Harmon still found time for his passion, flying airplanes. He initially obtained his private pilots license in the early 1970s. He fancied taildragger aircraft, and in recent years, you could see him flying his white and blue ACA Explorer over Sublette County to look for stray cattle.

Harmon and Sandra have three children, Stephanie Pfisterer, Crystal Pfisterer and Jake Pfisterer. Harmon is survived by his wife Sandra and their three children.

Harmon was preceded in death by his grandparents Georgian Georgia” Patrick, Johannes Perry” Pfisterer, Eva McMath Woodward, Dean Meech Fairchild, and his parents Mary Almira Fairchild and John Jake” Pfisterer.

Harmon requested a private interment. Family is considering having a celebration of life for Harmon in summer 2024.