Living – Life – Large Sept. 15, 2023

By Dan Abernathy
Posted 9/25/23

There is no possibility of saving the planet when we have lost the concept of saving ourselves. We have fallen into a captured mortality that we do what we are told. What will look right, and be accepted, without any interest or importance of the impact on our neighbor.

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Living – Life – Large Sept. 15, 2023


Approximately 3 feet, give or take a couple inches, above the gluteus maximus, is the brain center, which is part of the central nervous system. This is the gray matter serving to control and coordinate mental and physical actions. The brain is the source of understanding, intellectual power and intelligence. It is not something that should freely be turned over to any proclaimed leader or planner.

The greater part of the population forfeits their freethinking mind and wanders from responsibility, preferring to be told what to do. This 65 to 70 percent of the population will no longer look up from bewilderment. When their material comforts and beliefs, which have been instilled in them from some hierarchy, are disturbed, they shiver with fear and confusion, but will calm when told that everything is alright. This sector of society is perfectly happy and content to let itself be ruled by the small percentage that has not forfeited thought.

There is an ongoing quest that has been installed into self-importance that they must save something to feel good about themselves. They must be part of a cause that gets notoriety from the rest of the self-important society, in which they falsely participate. We must save this and we must save that and then, we must save the planet.

There is no possibility of saving the planet when we have lost the concept of saving ourselves. We have fallen into a captured mortality that we do what we are told. What will look right, and be accepted, without any interest or importance of the impact on our neighbor.

We worry more about having enough bicycle paths then we do the polar caps melting. We are more concerned with the lives of celebrities than the air we breathe, which is filled with microscopic plastic particles that are causing issues that havent even been determined yet. This way of being hidden from the truth has become so strong because of all the things happening now. Humans wait to be enlightened without being inconvenienced.

As I look to see what is being shown, if you look, so many people seem to have found contentment remaining in a developmental stage. A stage that is highly manipulated and void of critical thinking.

Critical thinking is the ability to effectively include an awareness of your bias and assumption when information is encountered. This thought process also provides consistent standards when evaluating sources. What hinders or blocks critical thinking is egoism, viewing everything in relation to yourself. This is a natural tendency and commonly leads to the inability to question our own beliefs and consider different perspectives.

These baffled and hindered populations only are concerned and find comfort with social and psychological factors as the ultimate reason for ideas and wishes. Gaining popularity within social acceptance is usually the higher point of achievement, rather than learning and understanding the truth. Especially if what is found to be the truth is deemed unpopular.

As we have the town crier yelling, Step right up to this unbelievable bullshit,” we have forfeited the concept of questioning what is happening. We have become accustomed and accepting to this mess we humans have made. We have lost the fear of not understanding and no longer run from it. Content has been taught to be what we are told is comfort. We freely wallow in ignorance without wondering why it is uncomfortable.

When you quote and repeat what is given to you from confused uncertainty, your voice becomes the echo of someone elses identity. You may be trying to understand the confusion and hide your non-understanding with repeated words, but this only becomes propaganda.

Propaganda is not the truth. You become a lie to your thoughts with uncertainty as your existence. Dont follow the words; let the words evoke your own personal thoughts. This is the product of your mental activity, which is active and should not be lying dormant.

We can free ourselves from justification and condemnation while holding tight to identification. By now, we should be aware that we are in a certain state of conditioning. What must be regained when viewing and now living this particular state of manipulated circumstances is an astute mind and pliable heart.

What is constantly undergoing transformation, we, without thought of the destination, follow the swift movement of what is. Though we look away, deep within, we are aware without discussion, that there is a collective confusion in the individual and the masses. Our whole state of being, are mental objects of immediate awareness, which are being altered with the puzzlement of fallacy.

There is no longer any ring of significance. All our leaders, both political and religious, are failing us. The quality of truth has lost its once charming sound and has become faded words that are only glanced over with uncaring eyes.

I guess sometimes all that is needed, for nonsensical clarity and understanding, is a billion dollars to understand the complexity that half the world is starving and the other half is trying to lose weight. - dbA

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