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As the rabbit runs across my future grave I have learned to flow across, over and through obstacles of distraction to continue the journey. I have grown comfortable revealing and living what many others find discomfort with.

As I look around. As I slightly step into what commonly is now, I have reached a point, a conclusion, that Im about 98 percent sure. With my constantly developing and existing cultivated natural state, I will not be able to be integrated or structured into any units functioning cooperatively, known as society.

Ive tried numerous times to repair the seal, tighten the lid and tape the cracks, but nothing that I do seems to contain the unpredictable, bizarre and nonconformity.

There will be no judgment from me regarding your religion, beliefs, sexuality or race. However, I will notice with impending disbelief if you dont use your turning blinkers, how you treat the wait staff, if youre not kind to the checkout person, wont get off the phone when they check you out or step over rubbish rather than bending over and picking it up.

Its simple and not about judgment. I too wait for you to reach out and obtain nirvana. The places where we are all are painting our own universe with select vivid clouds. Here we create our own thoughts as we find comfort in being the artists of our own paradise. This is how the world might change.

I ask you to read this and then perhaps read it again. Its about simple awareness, the condition of knowing and being aware. The realization of information that is essential reminds us of what is around us now as well as yesterday.

When we peer into the past to find the history of what was, it is not there to be liked or disliked. History is there to learn from what was. If the past and what happened in the past offend you, this is even better. When you are unsettled and outraged by what was, you are less likely to repeat it with what is now. There is no part of history that is yours to erase, conceal from sight or destroy.

With brave intellect the duelist of self-thought, the fine-thinking scraper removes the unacceptable from the past that has been littering the mind. They will open each closed door, unlock each trunk and release the scattered rubbish. This battle of thought will then sit in a closed circle of self.

In the reality of what is, there really has never been a thirst for truth with the masses. Its all an illusion that is fed to these manipulated minds that become the truth. Whoever steps out of this illusion becomes the outcast and the victim as their comfort becomes questioned with the slightest pause of the truth.

There is little dichotomy in the general nature of an individual mode of existence. As we form our own distinct entity of an individual, we embrace our innermost and incomparable uniqueness. Being whole and complete, uninfluenced by the thoughts and judgments of anyone else. We become one with ourselves. Its the true self-realization of our suchness.

Free thought is a philosophical viewpoint, which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation or other dogma.

Free thought emerged as an opposition to the religious position imposed by non-secular institutions, an application of logic and skepticism and an attempt to break free of the orthodox, irrational and unscientific world views.

A freethinker is a person who forms their own ideas and opinions rather than accepting those of other people. Free thinking enables us to generate ideas that have the power and potential to transform the world. They allow themselves to think of concepts not mentioned in textbooks, and thus, experience personal and social success.

Rudolf Steiner, (1861-1925) an Austrian philosopher, gained initial recognition at the end of the 19th century with published works including The Philosophy of Freedom, he was quoted:

To be free is to be capable of thinking ones own thoughts, not the thoughts merely of the body or of society, but thoughts generated by ones deepest, most original, most essential and spiritual self, ones individuality.”

To establish conformity with compliance and maintain order among the conformed, the freethinking mind must be quieted and portrayed as a misfit. This is not a coincidence; this is establishing a stable basis for the order of control.

There is a sympathetic and kind sorrow evoked from the commonwealth whose people are sheep, managed and manipulated by the shepherds that mislead them. Pity the nation where the leaders, with lies and deception, own and rule the people. The sovereignty where the wise sage is silenced and the creator’s ways are overlooked and hidden.

Evoke sympathetic sorrow for the democracy that has lost its voice and accepts the language of what has conquered the free with the addiction of compulsively being lured by minuscule rewards that now give their life the fear of losing them and no longer belonging to the empire.

With the newly founded conditioned ways of existing in an irrational world where this false reality of the senseless and illogical that is contrary to all reason and common sense remains laughable, its still a great time to be alive as you turn your back to the dramatic performances of the absurd. - dbA

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