Garden of Beauty winner announced


Julie Early and Barney Snyder, 40 Hay Meadow Drive, near Pinedale, are the Sage and Snow Garden Club’s second Garden of Beauty Award for 2021. Julie grew up on the Swain Ranch on the Green River. Most of her beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees were transplanted from her childhood home and her mother Edna Swain’s flower gardens. Scattered about her large landscaped yard are oriental poppies, lupine, lilies, delphiniums, cattails, tansy, Wood’s rose, flax, iris (including a beautiful white variety), Maltese cross, dames’ rocket and Billy Wood’s flowers (named by Billy Wood who homesteaded the ranch). Julie and Barney transplanted gooseberries, honeysuckles and chokecherries from the home place. Most of the trees came from the ranch as well – poplars, lodgepole pines, spruce, aspen, cottonwoods and willows. The ranch washtub is full of violas and marigolds. Water troughs are filled with radishes, carrots, lettuce, strawberries, onions, zucchini, beets and garlic. Julie’s greenhouse is full of mineral lick tubs and other containers growing tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, cucumbers, peas, climbing beans, roses and her mother’s geraniums. The greenhouse is surrounded by pots of flowers, as well as a sunflower patch planted by her granddaughter, Daisy Early. Over the years, Julie and Barney have transformed a barren hay meadow into a beautiful botanical paradise.