Letter to the Editor

Cody Roberts should be prosecuted


An open letter to Mr. Brian Nesvik, Sublette County Sheriff KC Lehr, Sublette Attorney Clayton Melinkovich and Editor of the Pinedale Roundup,

Mr. Nesvik, as director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, you have the opportunity and the obligation to publicly denounce the recent torture and murder of a Wyoming wolf by Mr. Cody Roberts. 

Sheriff Lehr and Attorney Melinkovich, you have the opportunity and responsibility to arrest and prosecute Mr. Roberts for inflicting premeditated, unimaginable pain and terror on the wolf and then, with pleasure and malice, murdering the wolf. 

Wolves are exquisitely sentient beings and are necessary for healthy ecosystems. They love their families like humans do. They have emotions like humans. I’ve no doubt the wolf suffered incredibly and died with severe fear and the highest levels of pain. No one should ever die this way. 

What Mr. Roberts committed was premeditated murder. He must be prosecuted. There is no “alleged” component here. He bragged about it. He took pictures. He posted pictures. He showed the world he is a murderer. 

A $250 fine and then the case closed? Really!?! 

Know that much of the world is outraged at this act and at the fact that he has not been arrested and charged. 

Please do the right thing and move forward with prosecuting Mr. Roberts for his heinous crimes. 

With respect, 

Adrienne Pond,

Taos, New Mexcio

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