Eclipses, the sky and children

On or about the first day of August this year, while out walking, I noticed the moon out during the day. That’s not especially surprising after noticing that occurrence many times over many decades.... more



This “Great Eclipse of 2017” business has had me traveling Wyoming from one end of the state to the other.... more


My week in travels

A magazine I once read had a space for people to tell about their week. They would go into great detail about what type of work they did, how busy they were and what rewards their week brought. My reward is actually just to get home but I thought I’d share a week in my world with just a glimpse from each day.... more


Let your voice be heard on resource management plan

I am a student at Central Wyoming College, pursuing a degree in outdoor education and leadership. As part of my degree, I must work an internship for a company/organization related to the outdoors. For my internship I work with the Wyoming Wildlife Federa... more



Who will be running for Wyoming governor in 2018 and who will win? Seems premature to be thinking of this in August 2017, but that is what we political observers like to do.... more


Town judge's appeal to the nation’s highest court

“Does a state violate the First Amendment’s Free Exercise Clause or Free Speech Clause when it punishes a judge who has discretionary authority to solemnize marriages because she states that her religious beliefs preclude her from performing a same-sex we... more



What is a complaint? My dictionary says a complaint may involve fault-finding, a grievance or an accusation.... more