Rentals offer many lessons

You have not lived until you’ve had rental property. What people say they’ll do and what people actually do are two different things, and over time, I’ve been mesmerized by antics played out.... more

The Joys and Hardships of High School

One of my favorite weeks of the year is Spring Break. Although I have returned from my trip, I am still in awe of the blessing that the break really is. ... more


Guest Opinion

Legal and functional power and control of health care in Sublette County is the responsibility of the Rural Health Care District (RHCD). ... more

Wit, Wisdom or Whatever!

Disappointment: Not a very fun word. We have all been disappointed at one time or another. ... more


It's OK to ask for help

I’m at that time of life when I sometimes need help with things. Parts of my body are not as happy as the rest of me. In fact, some are downright crabby and let me know it is not OK to expect them to do some chores.... more