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Letter to the editor: Gov. Gordon should act on designation now

In 2008, Kniffy Hamilton, the supervisor of Bridger-Teton National Forest, designated “The Path of the Pronghorn” in the section of this important migration corridor that went through Bridger-Teton National Forest. After this designation, many optimists thought that the BLM, private landowners and the state of Wyoming would take steps to continue the designation, which would offer this thousands-of-years-old migration a degree of protection from development and overuse. That did not happen.

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Letter to the editor: No more politics, please

Political pressure has further stalled the State of Wyoming’s attempt to protect the Sublette pronghorn migration corridor, which includes The Path of the Pronghorn. This world-famous migration route was publicly proposed by Wyoming Game and Fish in 2019, accompanied by maps and data.

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Living – Life – Large

“Mustanging” was a brutal practice of capture and sale to slaughter. This practice outraged the American public at large. However, the law had a huge backlash from those that had profited from running horses, hog-tying them to wait for the kill truck and then grinding them up for fertilizer and chicken feed.

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Living – Life – Large

Our country is being overrun with lawsuits from people who want to blame someone every time something goes wrong. People are suing for anything and everything because there are not any consequences if they lose. Frivolous lawsuits are abundant and harmful.

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Guest column: Conservation?

While we may not all agree on what conservation is, or the best way to promote it, we have a pretty good idea of what it is not. This is what it is not: It is not an expansive and exclusive ecotourist resort along the Upper Hoback River.

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Ask Flora – May 2023

Did you know that 70 percent of the food that we eat benefits from pollination? Plants cannot produce a fruit or a seed without fertilization – pollinators are a vital part of this process. Pollination helps the plant to produce viable seeds, increases production and promotes more variety within our food supply, with better nutritional qualities. Plants like fruit trees, berries, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, melons and flowers depend on pollinators.

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Letter to the editor: Pick up your trash!

How are we, as a community, going to make Sublette County a well-cared-for place within all this natural beauty?

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Living – Life – Large

Using banknotes is important and should be used instead of a credit card. We need to understand what not using cash is doing. When I leave home with a $50 banknote, I have $50. When I have dinner and pay the restaurant owner, they have $50. When the restaurant owner uses the $50 for a bottle of wine to take home, the wine shop has $50. When the wine shop owner then uses the $50, wherever it goes, it is still $50.

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Mothers don’t get enough credit 

Motherhood is one of those things that we’re never quite prepared for. We think we are, because we’ve read books, listened to podcasts and chatted extensively with other moms, but until we’ve experienced a 4-year-old throwing up on top of our sleeping head at 2 a.m., we just can’t quite grasp what it’ll really be like.

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Letter to the editor: Speaker Sommers did "exceptional" job

Strong leaders do not shrink from criticism; they know the role invites it – especially so when it seems easier to casually throw hand grenades rather than work to solve problems. Wyoming appreciates that we had a Speaker with the courage to carefully considered the legislation that came before him, weighing the consequences of each bill and its importance to the people of Wyoming and the state. Speaker Sommers’ charge was to ensure time was used responsibly and deliberation done properly. Given the large number of freshman legislators this session, the Speaker did this job admirably.

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April is Wyoming Equal Pay Month

While men’s wages in Wyoming are the 12th highest in the nation, women’s wages are only 42nd. According to 5-year American Community Survey microdata, women in Wyoming earn $0.75 to every dollar earned by men, generating a $0.25 wage gap. This equates to the average working woman in Wyoming losing enough money during a year to buy a total of 108 more weeks of food, 12 more months of mortgage and utilities payments, 21 more months of rent or 8,402 additional gallons of gas.

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Planting flowers will cost you money and your sanity

When I purchase flowers, I somehow always get too many. If I buy 200, it’s 199 more than I actually want to plant but there’s two reasons I end up with multiple flats — I can’t do math and I’m not quite right. At first, I’m sane and sober, putting some 4-inch pots onto my wagon. That leads to 6-packs, a lot of 6-packs. I eye it all and think, “What the heck, grab some 8-packs.” When I get home, I always feel a little shaky about the future endeavor and how many I have to put into barrels, baskets or the ground. When it comes to plants, I can’t be taught.

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Living – Life – Large

Kids no longer know what it is like to lose and feel pain. When they, or anyone else for this matter, do something stupid, stupid should hurt. It helps to develop character and common sense.

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Nature is cruel; we shouldn’t be

Sure, the cycle of life is not complete without death but don’t we, as people, have a responsibility to mitigate unnecessary die-offs and prevent above-normal mortality in our most treasured natural resource?

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Letter to the editor: Look up, Wyoming!

it looks like the light pillars are beaming up into the sky, the opposite is true. Light traveling up into space is actually being reflected back down to Earth by the ice crystals. We see it as multiple columns of light. Pretty spectacular sight!

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Living – Life – Large

“Likes” on social media are addictive because they affect your brain, similar to taking chemical substances. “Likes” symbolize a gain in reputation, causing you to constantly compare yourself to your peers.

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Neurons and math but you lost me at math

First of all, I wouldn’t have allowed it and simply proclaimed, “My nerve cells and my temporal lobes don’t know they’re first cousins, and I’d like to keep it that way.”

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Guest editorial: We shouldn't make it harder to participate in the democratic process

Under a new Wyoming law, you must decide which party to support before you know who’s actually running. The law is designed to eliminate crossover voting, the practice in Wyoming of (usually) Democrats changing their party to participate in the Republican primary. But the law goes farther than that. It effectively tells voters: It’s less important who you vote for than the party you support.

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Middle age is hard on children

One morning, Gar was getting ready to walk out the door while telling me of his latest work-related woes. The day before he was nearly to the top of an icy mountain road in swirling snow, pulling a trailer fully loaded with heaters and light towers for a location. The new dispatcher called to tell him he needed to drop the load, return to the yard, load other paraphernalia, and take it to a different location for a frac, 4 hours away, or 8 hours roundtrip. He was then to immediately come back and finish the current job he was trying to complete. That would’ve put him into darkness, and too late to get everything set up on the current locale. It was so preposterous, Gar nearly laughed out loud. Instead, he patiently told the woman it wasn’t possible, and to rent the items, hire a driver, and hot-shot the equipment to the company man who was not-so-patiently waiting.

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Living – Life – Large

People hold their tongues because they know that they may be criticized and worry about professional or academic consequences if they say the wrong thing. There is a significant number of people that have silenced themselves, as they fear blowback due to their ideas and beliefs.

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True tax reform

While we are encouraged by the proposals filed this past session, and the few that legislators passed in the 2023 General Session, we know Wyoming must engage in an honest and robust tax reform discussion to achieve true tax reform. The variety of bills filed primarily in the residential property tax arena, plus those that addressed the structural challenges identified in Tax Reform 2000, by no means could be considered true structural tax reform. Instead, we hope this is the beginning of a conservative, pro-family and pro-business tax reform effort and a sign of significant tax reform action in the future.

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Letter to the editor: Traps are a safety hazard on public lands

As an avid outdoorswoman, I implore state and local wildlife management agencies to expeditiously implement the models of modern-day wildlife biology and ethics through laws and regulations that reflect empirical evidence.

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Letter to the editor: Rights being restricted in Wyoming

Rather than attempting to map out the nuances of any of these issues, these legislations simply attempt to put a hard stop on what legislators feel threatened by in the ongoing culture war.

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Wyoming Equality fighting to protect transgender student athletes

“We are confident that the law will recognize the promise of Wyoming’s Constitution: ‘No discrimination between pupils. In none of the public schools so established and maintained shall distinction or discrimination be made on account of sex, race or color.’ The Bostock decision clearly stated that gender identity was encompassed in the definition of sex. The tragedy is, we haven’t had to rely on court cases and statutes in the past: We’ve treated our children with the dignity, respect and individuality that all Wyoming students deserve.”

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Legislative work reflects Wyoming values

We operate differently in Wyoming. Our way of doing things, also known as the Code of the West, is what distinguishes our state from the rest of the world. Our unique position allows Wyoming to fund a world-class education system, grow our economy and live a life of liberty, free from government overreach. This session, we faced multiple attempts by outside Washington, D.C., interests to infiltrate the people’s house like never before, encroaching on Wyoming people’s priorities and promoting a narrative that is far from the truth. This effort is putting our conservative, common-sense Wyoming way in jeopardy.

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March 2023 Garden Column: Ask Flora

“Planting for Pollinators” is an upcoming class being offered by Sage & Snow Garden Club at the Pinedale Library on Thursday, April 20. Arlinda McLaughlin and Julie Kraft will share information on the importance of planting to attract pollinators. Pollinator Workshop, 6 to 8 p.m. Seed Exchange 5:30 p.m. (before the workshop). Bring seeds to share!

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Legislative Update - March 1, 2023

I will highlight four bills that passed the House on Wednesday.

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Column: Arguing is part of marriage

It was found that people who are more religious say they argue more than those couples who don’t go to church. I understand this. With God in the picture, we have another avenue to explore, similar to fifth-graders in a disagreement during recess, as we bring others into our tiffs. “I don’t like the way you mimic me and I’m pretty sure God finds that ridiculous, too.”

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Living – Life – Large

I probably will be shunned for being a non-sports fanatic, but I don’t watch sports. The only exception would be the Super Bowl. I don't, however, watch it for the game; I watch it for the commercials. I will also interject, this year’s Super Bowl was very disappointing. I can’t remember who was playing but the advertisements were far from entertaining or stimulating.

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Contributing to the chaos – Oct. 15

Though commonly known, it is not commonly accepted. Sometimes it is easier to not accept the truth than to deal with the discomfort of it.

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Eiden: Furniture was never meant to last

When we met, Gar was a bachelor with an eclectic assortment of furniture and decorations that I was fairly certain we needed to burn.

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Barrasso: Irresponsible Democrats pushing for U.S. to follow California's failed energy model

Democrats are trying to impose California‘s unreliable energy policies on the rest of the country. Americans are responding, “Don’t turn America into California!”

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Eiden: Fear not – your children will always need you

Parents are never unemployed.

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Lummis: The West is burning and politics are fanning the flames

As smoke from summer Western wildfires spreads all the way to Maine, the entire country finally realizes what the West has long known: America’s forest-management policies are not working.

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Contributing to the chaos - Sept. 17

As I look at the illusion of reality, brought forth by the incompatible deeming that to be you must be compatible with incompatible, I slow my steps.

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Eiden: I'm understanding a few things better

I’m understanding a few things better as time goes by. It takes longer for me because I’m a little hardheaded.

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9/11 retrospective: A different country now

This is a column from Roundup editor Brady Oltmans as part of the Roundup's anniversary coverage of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

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9/11 retrospective: Why it's called terrorism

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, the Roundup has published columns from its Sept. 13, 2001, edition. This is from Rob Shaul, editor and publisher of the Roundup at the time.

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9/11 retrospective: Land of the Free...Home of the Brave

A guest column from Aidan M. Mullett II, that was originally published in the Pinedale Roudup's Sept. 13, 2001, edition.

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Legislative Update – Aug. 31

Hello Sublette County, this is Albert Sommers reporting to you from the 2021 interim work of the 66th Legislature.

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Contributing to the chaos

Local commentary from contributor Dan Abernathy.

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Our body has a wired set point

I recently read an article stating, “Don’t scold yourself for gaining weight, your body is wired to return to a natural set point.”

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Contributing to the chaos

Washing the Day Away

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Relationships are hard

Gar and I are still married after 42 years, even after spending two winters in a 30-foot camper.

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Legislative Update – Aug. 1

Hello Sublette County, this is Albert Sommers reporting to you from interim work of the 66th Legislature.

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Contributing to the chaos

Due to the what, of what is, we as small-town dwellers are seeing firsthand a seemingly no end to the new disembarking from urban arenas. Because we were raised this way we, for the most part, accept them with open arms.

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Sublette Centennial 'pioneers' sought

The search is on for residents of Sublette County for at least 50 years to be recognized as a “Sublette Centennial Pioneer.”

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Proposed ordinance bringing out the worst in us

This is an editorial from the staff at the Pinedale Roundup.

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Parents are never done helping kids

I do think 4-H is a hecka lotta work for mom and dad.

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Biden nominees spell disaster for Wyoming

By Sen. Cynthia Lummis.

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Contributing to the chaos

It’s not that I’m totally rebelling against the ways of now.

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Bears and I have a lot in common

Bears are not my favorite animal; in fact I really dislike bears, but I’ll admit, we have a lot in common.

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Contributing to the chaos

Pole Creek is a small river that was born in the high granite cracks of the Wind River Range.

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It's Christmas in July, in letter form

In case you hadn’t noticed, every year the Eiden’s Christmas letter gets later and later, until this year, it’s an epistle for Christmas in July. Lucky you.

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Contributing to the chaos

On May 9, we celebrated Mother’s Day amidst the turmoil of weak people offended by the name of the day. During this invasion of offensive terminology, I introduced my mother.

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Off the beaten path

Finding outdoor solitude in Sublette County is easy.

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Legislative update – The Wyoming Wildlife Taskforce

I am in Casper for meetings of the Wyoming Wildlife Taskforce.

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Men better have a sense of humor

From Trena Eiden.

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My hiking partner

The first time I took my best friend up on a mountain, he was a shivering puppy in the snow.

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Contributing to the chaos

The Flowers on Fremont.

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Nancy Beth Burstad

May 14, 1955 – May 26, 2021

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Monogamous animals don't know how long marriage lasts

By Trena Eiden

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Let conservative states lead on reducing national debt

From Sen. Cynthia Lummis.

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Contributing to the chaos

In the movie “Forrest Gump,” Forrest was asked if he was stupid. He replied, “Stupid is as stupid does,” meaning that a person should be judged by his actions, not his appearance.

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I talk to myself while I walk

At my and Gar’s age, not to mention our activity level, which is less than any sloth on planet earth, we’re certain we should be moving our joints every day, so I walk and Gar swims.

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Contributing to the chaos

By Dan Abernathy

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Once a mother - always a mother

Recently, sleep physiologist Rachel Markwald set out to study fatigue on a Navy warship.

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Brunette chose as regional Volunteer of the Year

Des has been a part of our MESA program since its inception nearly 10 years ago.

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Contributing to the chaos

There are people who find anger with who you are for speaking your truth.

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Highway Patrolman problems

It was a Monday morning so I naturally didn’t have a joyful spirit, similar to how I am on all the other days of the week.

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Wyoming 66th Legislature – Update No. 5

From Rep. Jim Roscoe, House District No. 22

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Lummis: Call it a crisis

Night after night, Wyoming citizens are turning on the news to see a national security and humanitarian crisis unfolding at our southern border.

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Contributing to the chaos

Local commentary from Dan Abernathy.

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Legislative Update – April 3

From Rep. Albert Sommers, House District No. 20

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It's not easy living with a brown-haired blonde

I use a hair product called “Freeze-It” to keep my mop in place and my motto is, “One can never, no not ever, use too much hairspray.”

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Contributing to the chaos

From Dan Abernathy

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Legislative Update – March 26, 29

From Rep. Albert Sommers, House District No. 20.

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Wyoming 66th Legislature Update 4

From Rep. Jim Roscoe, House District No. 22.

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Let's start over

From Dr. Brendan Fitzsimmons.

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Daytime habits that affect your sleep at night

Local commentary from Trena Eiden.

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Legislative Update – March 20

From Rep. Albert Sommers, House District No. 20

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Ricketts: The fight for Wyoming's economy

From Bondurant resident and former TD Ameritrade CEO Joe Ricketts.

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Contributing to the chaos

An underlying problem I feel, in this masked world we exist in right now, is not seeing faces anymore.

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Legislative Update – March 12, 16

Rep. Albert Sommers, House District No. 20

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Wyoming 66th Legislature Update No. 3

From Rep. Jim Roscoe, House District No. 22

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Legislative Update – March 7-9

From Rep. Albert Sommers, House District No. 20

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A chat with 10-year-old me

I’ve often thought what I’d say to my 10-year-old self if I could go back in time.

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Contributing to the Chaos

Mindfulness is awareness. It is to know, feel and see what is happening in the moment.

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Legislative Update – Feb. 28, March 1-2

From Rep. Albert Sommers, House District No. 20

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Church people are much too trusting

We try to attend church everywhere we visit.

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Contributing to the Chaos

Some of us stay up way too late at night, but for myself, I get up way too early in the morning.

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Sommers: Funding Wyoming's K12 education program

A brief history and the situation the Legislature faces this session.

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Eiden: The first week is always the hardest

After arriving in Florida, we stayed with our kids for a few days while setting up the camper.

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Legislative Update – Feb. 3-6

From House Rep. Albert Sommers, District No. 20.

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OP-ED: Presidential suspension on mineral development bad for Wyoming’s wildlife

Brian Nesvik is the director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. He has worked on behalf of Wyoming wildlife and people for over 25 years.

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Contributing to the Chaos

I do believe it is time that we begin to put the pieces back together, if in fact we are not beyond fixable.

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Robinson: GOP purity test

A letter from Sublette County Republican Party Chairman Jim Robinson.

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