Zombies hunt racers

Zombie Dash race winner Jacob Snell receives the first-place trophy from one of the zombies, aka Pinedale Aquatic Center Recreation Supervisor Jason Burton.

The first annual Zombie Dash was a blood-curdling mini-marathon hosted by the Pinedale Aquatic Center, Friends of the PAC and Wind River Brewing Company. Contestants raced along a roughly 2.5 mile course from the PAC to the finish line at the Wind River Brewery.

The path wound along Pine Creek, through the American Legion Park and Boyd Skinner Park. Super-fast zombies hid beneath trees and willows, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting runners. Each contestant had at least two flags attached to their shorts or running pants.

Zombies leapt out and chased runners with the intent to steal the flags. If a racer lost all their flags, they were “dead” and out of the race. Contestants who managed to dodge and outrun the zombies were “alive” and still in the race.

Survivors crossed the finish line, followed by triumphant zombies and their victims for an awards ceremony at Wind River Brewery. The winner of the race was Pinedale High School student Jacob Snell. Jason Burton, PAC recreation supervisor, presented Snell with the first-place trophy for finishing the race first and surviving all of the zombies.

Thirty-eight runners participated in the event, Burton said. Nine people volunteered as zombies.

Burton estimated that only about nine or 10 runners “survived” the zombie attacks.

“Our zombies did a great job,” he said.

The race raised $560 for the Friends of the PAC. 

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